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Originally published July 24 2015

Homeoprophylaxis proven more effective than conventional vaccines

by Jonathan Landsman

(NaturalNews) Sadly, millions of people have been brainwashed into believing that infectious diseases can only be prevented by receiving conventional vaccinations – loaded with toxic ingredients like aborted fetal cells, aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury and other disease-promoting substances. But, today, we want to shed light on the rapidly growing popularity of homeprophylaxis – a much safer option to potentially deadly vaccines.

Eliminate the threat of infectious diseases naturally. Discover the power of homeopathy and homeopathic remedies. This form of energy medicine has effectively helped millions of people and has been systematically suppressed by 'modern' medicine for way too long. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour with Jonathan Landsman, we plan on revealing a much safer alternative to toxic vaccines.

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What is homeoprophylaxis and why it exciting news for everyone?

Homeoprophylaxis, also called Homeopathic Prophylaxis or "HP," is a non-toxic and proven method of protection from infectious disease that has been in use for more than 200 years. Thanks to the tireless work of certain homeopaths such as, Dr. Isaac Golden, in Australia, and Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy, in Germany, more and more people are (again) learning about this natural way to protect their health.

The goal of HP is simple: To introduce into the system non-toxic versions of particular diseases to naturally stimulate, or "educate" the immune system. As a result, susceptibility to targeted diseases has been documented to be reduced by, on average, 90%. Obviously, this is news the mainstream media will NEVER tell you about, for obvious reasons.

On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, you'll discover the 200-year history of HP and, more importantly, completely understand a non-toxic, highly-effective way to avoid the threat of infectious diseases without poisoning the body with dangerous substances found in conventional vaccinations.

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The proof is so obvious: Conventional vaccines are NOT safe

If vaccine were safe – then, why are hundreds of millions of dollars paid out – every year – to vaccine injured people and their families? Are we supposed to ignore the massive lawsuit filed against Merck by two of its own (former) virologists, claiming fraud and criminal behavior surrounding the MMR vaccine? And, finally, if conventional vaccines are so effective – then why do so many people still get sick, even after getting vaccinated?

When it comes to disease prevention, Western medicine has completely lost its way. Natural immunity and healthy lifestyle habits are clearly the best way to avoid the threat posed by infectious diseases. More nutritious foods, less chemicals in our environment and homeopathy plus other forms of natural medicine are far more effective at keeping our society healthy.

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This week's guest: Cilla Whatcott, Ph.D., HD RHom, CCH - board certified homeopath, teacher and lecturer

Discover a safe, non-toxic alternative to conventional vaccines - Sun. Jul. 26

Cilla Whatcott, Ph.D., HD RHom, CCH is a board certified homeopath, teacher and lecturer. She has been sharing information about vaccine safety for 20 years since her daughter's vaccine injury.

Cilla brings a choice to the heated vaccine debate with information about homeoprophylaxis, a non-toxic method of disease prevention utilized for over 200 years.

Avoid becoming a vaccine-injured medical statistic. Unfortunately, too many uninformed people get hurt or die prematurely due to 'legally-prescribed' medications. Yet, in reality, all of this pain and suffering is completely avoidable – when given the right information. Get informed about vaccine dangers; safer options for you and your family and learn how to avoid infectious diseases naturally on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour.

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