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Originally published July 11 2015

U.S. schools begin scanning students' thumbprints for 'tracking purposes'

by Daniel Barker

(NaturalNews) One of the most effective methods of creating a surveillance state, authoritarian society, fascist nation or whatever one wishes to call it, is to inform children at an early age that they have no individual privacy rights. Take a child and reinforce the notion that everything he or she does, every activity participated in, will be tracked, monitored and recorded by a central authority. Make these practices seem like normal everyday routine, and you're well on your way to totally controlling them as they reach adulthood.

We've seen this subtle -- and sometimes not so subtle -- behavioral conditioning occurring at home and at school, and typically through the powerful hypnotic influence of television and the Internet, and in many cases disguised as something so seemingly innocent as the popular Elf on the Shelf toys, which instill the idea that "someone is always watching." But there are also more blatant manifestations, such as the subject of this article -- which happens to be the biometric scanning of students' thumbprints so that they can obtain their school lunches.

Yes, as ridiculously Orwellian as it sounds, many schools throughout the country are increasingly using biometric tracking technology to monitor kids, and in one Pennsylvania community, parents have become understandably upset regarding these practices.

From a Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, news site,

Last year, the Hazleton Area School District invested in biometric software to track the usage of the program by students who receive free or reduced-cost lunches. Students' thumbprints were scanned each time they received a lunch. This data provided by the biometrics was made available to the district and federal government for tracking purposes.

This bit of news stirred controversy among parents and concerned citizens. And rightfully so, not only because the privacy rights of children are being violated, but also because the school district's taxpayers are footing the bill of the "investment," without having any say in the matter to begin with. No one was asked if they supported this idea before the district installed the scanning technology.

Parents speak out

From an open letter sent to the mayor and local media from one of the outraged parents:

Let us not allow our children to allow privacy to become a thing of the past. Our duty is to educate and protect them, not to catalog them like merchandise.

Our duty is to teach them to protect and care for their bodies. What message are we sending when we tell them their body is a means of identification, a tool for others to use to track them?


One can't help but wonder if the school district really felt they needed to track and monitor students in such an invasive manner or if this was recommended by the federal government, using the threat of withholding funding for the school lunch program to effectively blackmail local school authorities.

It seems that Michelle Obama's scheme to force children to eat school lunches that they find unappetizing was only the beginning of an even more far-reaching program to indoctrinate our children.

It's all about control, dependence on the nanny state, and reinforcing the notion that citizens no longer have any privacy rights or the freedom to make their own choices.

We now live in a society where advanced technology is being used to virtually enslave us. I'm beginning to wonder if we as a nation will ever find the collective willpower to reverse this dangerous drift towards totalitarianism.

The right kind of leadership might be able to do something about it, but as long as the federal government continues to be owned and operated by a globalist/corporate cartel bent on absolute control of the populace, we stand very little chance.


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