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Originally published July 10 2015

Health coach and author launches campaign to educate public about vaccine damage: learn how you can help!

by Daniel Barker

(NaturalNews) Until recently, I have avoided writing about the dangers associated with vaccination. This is partly because I felt I did not know enough about the subject to take a hard stance against their use in general. I did believe, and I still do, that many of the vaccines being manufactured and administered on a routine basis do contain impurities and harmful substances, but I was not convinced that the entire concept of vaccination was flawed.

I'm still not entirely sure that vaccination against certain diseases is wrong. However, I have come to the conclusion that mandatory vaccination is a violation of basic human rights, and that until they can be proven to be safe and effective (which, judging by the evidence at hand, they are neither), no one should ever be coerced into having themselves or their children vaccinated against any disease.

I am also convinced that much of what we are being told about vaccines is sheer propaganda and fear-mongering tactics being promulgated by the vaccine makers themselves. Big Pharma undoubtedly has the resources and power to manipulate public opinion through the media and politicians they have bought and paid for.

Despite the efforts of the industry to scare us into believing that we need their poisonous concoctions injected into our bodies, many Americans have begun to realize that this simply isn't true. It's impossible, for instance, to hide the fact that many of those kids at Disneyland who contracted measles had received the measles vaccination. That fact alone should tell you something about the alleged effectiveness of vaccines.

And it's also important to realize also that none of those kids -- vaccinated or not -- died from the measles, in spite of media lies to the contrary.

On the other hand, many children have suffered severe adverse effects from vaccinations. The media will try to tell you that the evidence showing that vaccines are indeed dangerous is based on faulty studies and inconclusive results, but that simply isn't true.

And if you don't believe me, simply read the warning labels on the vaccine products themselves.

But my aim here is not to prove that vaccines are dangerous. That should be obvious to most people by now.

The most important issue right now is to stop the introduction of legislation requiring mandatory vaccinations. There are bills being pushed through legislative bodies throughout the nation right now that will force citizens to vaccinate their children (and themselves, if the vaccine pushers have their way), and they must be stopped.

Support the anti-mandatory vaccination movement

One way that you, as a responsible, freedom-minded citizen, can help fight this legislation is through supporting the growing movement against mandatory vaccination.

One of the people organizing against these laws is Larry Cook, a health coach, author and activist whose focus is on natural living. Cook is currently raising money to fund a nationwide campaign opposing mandatory vaccination legislation.

He has already been very successful in raising awareness and organizing a concerted effort against this industry-backed legislative push, partly through interviewing and publicizing the stories of those whose children have been injured from vaccinations.

His is a noble effort, but he needs your support. The nation's children need your support. Until the debate over vaccination can be conducted in a fair and objective manner, and until vaccines can be proven to be both safe and effective -- which they, at present, are decidedly not -- no one should be pressured into receiving them. We cannot afford to lose this battle.

Please visit the links below to find out more about the movement and to contribute to Larry's GoFundMe project, which he created in the interest of spreading the message to a wider audience. You can watch the video explaining the importance of the project here:


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