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Originally published June 22 2015

How celeb Jessica Alba built an eco-friendly empire selling non-toxic household essentials

by Julie Wilson staff writer

(NaturalNews) Famous for her natural beauty and superb acting skills that have allowed her to star in a multitude of diverse roles, native Californian Jessica Alba is anything but ordinary. While you might recognizer her from a number of popular films including Sin City, Fantastic Four, Machete and Into the Blue, Alba is much more than just an actress with a pretty face.

In fact, she's become so successful in selling nontoxic household essentials that experts predict she could soon earn a spot on Forbes' list of America's Richest Self-Made Women, joining contenders such as Oprah Winfrey, Judge Judy and Beyonce.

While Alba is mostly known for her films, it's her impeccable business sense that has helped her build an empire selling nontoxic household goods ranging from all-natural diapers to organic formula and other chemical-free cosmetics such as deodorant, toothpaste, lotions and bubble bath.

"That was kind of a breakthrough moment for me, in knowing that you can control the environment that you live in and it will affect your health"

Cleverly branded as The Honest Company, Alba first launched the project in 2012 after struggling to find products that were safe and chemical-free when she was concerned that her new baby girl might experience some of the harsh reactions Alba did as a child.

"Asthma and allergies were a big thing when I was growing up," said Alba in an interview with AOL. "I realized over time that when I eliminated fragrances and toxic chemicals in my environment, and especially Clorox, Lysol, the harsher ingredients that are in those products, it eliminated my allergies and my reactions."

Sympathetic to the fact that her parents were simply unaware of the potential side effects caused by the harsh chemicals found in household products and cosmetics, Alba doesn't hold any resentment towards them.

"My parents for sure didn't think that it was even possible that there could be anything in any products that could be harmful. Like most people in the '70s and '80s, you outsource your trust to the brands that you buy from," said Alba.

After falling in love and marrying movie producer Cash Warren on the set of Fantastic Four, Alba began having children and soon realized the importance of being able to buy household products that were safe for her and her family.

"When I first became a parent, I wanted to put together the safest and healthiest home for my family, and I found that it was really frustrating and really difficult," said Alba. "I really, really wanted one brand that I could trust that was transparent," which led her to start her own company that sells the "safest and healthiest products available." Her goal was to create products that were beautifully designed and safe without a premium price tag.

"I felt like my needs weren't being met as a modern person."

Clearly ahead of the curve in terms of demand for chemical-free and nontoxic products, The Honest Company made $10 million in revenue their first year in business. Their sales are mostly conducted online; however, several products are available at Whole Foods, Nordstrom and Target.

Today, The Honest Company, which Alba holds a 15 to 20 percent stake in, is valued at a whopping $1 billion dollars, which makes her worth a reported $200 million. Some predict revenues could reach $250 million this year. In late May, the company even launched a product line in South Korea, meeting the demand for safe and nontoxic products there.

Alba's passion for safe and chemical-free products inspired her to travel to Washington, D.C., where she lobbied in support of revising the antiquated 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act, which only bans a meager 11 chemicals from consumer products in the U.S. Meanwhile, more than 1,300 such chemicals are banned in Europe.

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