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Originally published June 20 2015

Stop DARK Act barring states from passing their own GMO labeling laws: Sign the petition!

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Ominous legislation is being quietly ushered through the halls of Congress as the mainstream media focuses nearly all of its attention on fomenting race wars throughout the U.S. If passed, House Resolution 1599, which has been dubbed the "Deny Americans the Right to Know," or "DARK," Act, will not only bar individual states and local governments from passing GMO labeling legislation but also restrict food manufacturers from practicing their First Amendment right to make voluntary non-GMO claims on their products.

This evil legislation is the antithesis of food freedom, and any legislator who supports it is literally guilty of treason. But if enough national attention can be diverted toward transgender Olympians, racial tension between blacks and whites, and the latest summer blockbuster comic book films at theaters, then these traitors just might get away with their devious plan to strip Americans of their right to know what's in the foods they eat.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) issued an announcement today that H.R. 1599, which was introduced earlier this year and later updated, was heard today by a House subcommittee and will likely move forward. The bill plainly denies state and local governments the right to protect farmers and rural residents from the environmental damage caused by GMO crops. It similarly strips individual states of their right to regulate how GMOs are produced and sold.

The goal, of course, is to shield Monsanto and the various other biotech villains from having their malevolent products exposed for all to see, and subsequently labeled or even banned. The latest iteration of this heinous bill, which included added restrictions on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) barring the agency from implementing a national GMO labeling system, would accomplish the following:

• Block states from implementing GMO labeling laws, including the mandatory GMO labeling law already passed in Vermont that's set to go into effect in July 2016.

• Block states from regulating GMO crops in order to protect farmers from economic and environmental harm -- remember all those cases of farmers being sued by Monsanto and the more recent revelation that Roundup herbicide is literally everywhere in the environment? H.R. 1599 would allow all of this to continue at the expense of non-GMO and organic farmers.

• Block the FDA from crafting a national GMO labeling system.

• Block all non-GMO claims on foods that are not first approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). All the work that's already been put into the Non-GMO Project verification system? It will be gone in an instant.

• Prohibit food companies from suggesting that non-GMO foods are superior to GMO foods.

Contact your legislators and DEMAND that they OPPOSE the DARK Act or be thrown out of office!

This is no longer a joke, folks. The industrial food system and its puppets in Washington have declared war on the American people. And if we don't stop them now, they'll seize every last bit of our food freedom while we stay mind-dulled from the endless bread and circuses circulating the corporate media for the benefit of evil corporations like Monsanto.

Please take the time to contact your representatives to let them know that you're watching how they vote on the DARK Act. Explain how they will be held accountable if they betray the public by supporting this nefarious attempt to stamp out clean, organic food and replace it with genetically engineered poison.

The EWG has created a special Action Alert for H.R. 1599 that you can use to contact your representatives and let your voice be heard:

Also, be sure to warn your friends and family members about what's happening here behind the scenes as the national media distracts the public with all sorts of convenient crises as part of its demonic agenda.


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