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Originally published June 9 2015

Parents furious over socialist-style 'democratic' school taking 11-year-old children to sex shop

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Several dozen young students at a private school in Minneapolis, Minnesota, were exposed to sexually explicit materials and "toys" recently after their teacher decided to take them on a special "field trip" to a local sex shop. A clear case of "feminism" gone wild, Gaia Democratic School teacher Starri Hedges somehow thought it would be appropriate to drag children as young as 11 into the "Smitten Kitten" sex shop, which bills itself as "a progressive sex toy store for everyone."

"Everyone," in this case, apparently includes children who haven't even hit puberty yet, let alone reached the legal age of 18 for entering a sex shop. Hedges' little escapade with the students made national news after it was revealed that the children's parents weren't even notified about the field trip, during which some of the students reportedly purchased condoms as part of their "educational experience."

Hedges reportedly defended her outrageous decision to bring the students to an adult novelty store by maintaining that it was meant to provide "a safe and welcoming environment for students to learn about human sexual behavior," to quote Hedges used the word "beautiful" to describe her feelings as she watched the students partaking in sexual perversion workshops, all the while surrounded by dildos, "anal toys," "position enhancers" and more.

"The sexual health aspect, there is no right age for all kids," stated Hedges to in apparent defense of bringing children of any age to a sex shop for "education." "You can't say, 'All kids should know this at this age.' There are students that are already going through puberty at 10 or 11."

Hedges broke law by bringing students to sex shop; charges should be pressed

The legal implications of Hedges' depraved opinions on this issue are still being explored, with Minneapolis business license manager Grant Wilson reportedly looking into the case. Parents of the students brought to Smitten Kitten are rightfully outraged over the whole thing, which if it involved a male teacher rather than a female one would almost certainly result in charges being pressed.

"It's just a major breach of trust," stated Lynn Floyd, whose 11- and 13-year-old daughters were among the students brought to the sex shop. "You just can't erase those images."

The "Our Community" page describes Starri Fawn Hedges as the school's executive director, principal and lead teacher, and a board member. The school itself is held at the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis at 900 Mount Curve Ave. in Minneapolis.

"Without looking at the laws or anything, that was poor judgment," stated Wilson, who should be looking at the law. It states that children under the age of 18 should not be exposed to "sexually provocative written, photographic, printed, sound, or published materials deemed harmful to minors."

Gaia Democratic School has committed federal crimes, and charges need to be pressed

To believe that bringing innocent children into a sex shop is somehow "educational" requires a level of conscience so depraved that it's probably difficult for most parents and regular folks to comprehend. But this is the type of filth teaching America's children these days, and increasingly so as amoral "feminism" seizes more and more control over the nation's youth.

The Floyds did the right thing by immediately pulling their two daughters out of the Gaia Democratic School, and we can only hope that other parents have since done the same. It is also our hope that justice is served in this case to set a precedent against this blatantly criminal act of exposing minors to obscene and pornographic material.

"[W]hen does the Hennipen County attorney bring child endangerment charges?" asked one commenter.

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