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Originally published May 28 2015

Oncologists make huge profits by pushing chemotherapy drugs on gullible, frightened patients

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The amazing story of Chris Wark and his natural recovery from stage IIIC colon cancer serves as a powerful reminder of how proper diet, regular exercise and aggressive herbal (rather than chemical) therapies are still among the safest and most effective remedies for curing cancer. But Chris' conscious rejection of chemotherapy and radiation treatments against the advice of his doctor also led him to realize another sobering truth: that the conventional cancer industry, which opposes all natural cancer treatment approaches, is nothing more than a corrupt, money-making racket.

A humble father of two, Chris was diagnosed with stage IIIC colon cancer back in December 2003. Doctors had discovered a golf ball-sized tumor in his large intestine, and the cancer had also spread to his lymph nodes. Chris underwent surgery for the tumor and was advised by his oncologist to undergo chemotherapy as well in order to rid the rest of his body of the cancer, to which he objected. Despite being called "insane" for his decision, Chris went the alternative route and the rest is history.

You can read Chris' amazing story of recovery from stage IIIC colon cancer without chemotherapy or radiation here:

Oncologists get rich selling chemotherapy drugs to gullible patients persuaded by fear

Part of Chris' story, sadly, includes his rather early-on realization that the field of oncology is more committed to profits than it is healing. While first being advised by an oncologist at the West Clinic in Tennessee to go with chemotherapy, Chris recalls being told by the doctor that "if you don't do chemo you are insane," the kicker being the doctor's follow-up statement that "I'm not just saying this [because] I need your business."

This latter statement stuck in Chris' mind, and after investigating it further he came to the disturbing realization that oncologists make obscene profits from selling chemotherapy drugs, sometimes up to two-thirds of their overall income. It's the bread and butter of their practice, in fact, and one of the main reasons why oncologists often adamantly oppose natural therapies -- the other reason being that they're prohibited from promoting them under U.S. corporate admiralty law (as opposed to common law).

"Treating cancer is this man's occupation," wrote Chris. "It's how he earns a living and provides for his family. Every cancer patient that walks in his office represents thousands of dollars of profit. He's essentially a salesman selling his services with a very powerful sales pitch: 'If you don't do what I say, you're going to die.'"

Conventional cancer "treatment" cuts out the exploitation middleman: the pharmacist

Another often overlooked fact about the oncology racket is that oncologists operate like businessmen, purchasing chemotherapy drugs at wholesale prices and reselling them to patients for scandalous prices. They're the only segment of the medical-industrial complex, it turns out, that can legally cut out the pharmacist middleman and horde all the profits for themselves.

"Their business model is very different from other doctors because you can't buy chemotherapy drugs at your local pharmacy," explained Chris. "Oncologists buy these drugs direct at wholesale prices, then they mark them up and bill the insurance companies. This legal profiting on drugs by doctors is unique to the cancer treatment world. They're making money off the drugs that they insist you take to save your life. That's a HUGE conflict of interest."

Be sure to check out Chris Wark's website Chris Beat Cancer, which contains a roughly 12-minute video of what Chris learned about the cancer industry throughout his experience. Chris also shares powerful advice about what he did to cure his own cancer:


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