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Originally published May 20 2015

Nikola Labs unveils new tech to harvest electricity from EMFs; learn history behind Nikola Tesla's free electricity

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A revolutionary new energy-harvesting technology recently unveiled by Nikola Labs, an Ohio-based startup company inspired by the late inventor and energy genius Nikola Tesla, promises to capture all those stray radio waves emitted back and forth between wireless phones and the towers through which they communicate and convert them back into more energy, extending a smartphone's battery life by as much as 30%.

Announced as part of an upcoming Kickstarter fundraising campaign, the technology, which Nikola's designers engineered into a special case made for Apple's iPhone, reportedly harvests the electromagnetic radiation transferring to and from mobile phones and converts it into direct current (DC) electrical energy, which is then recycled back into the phone's battery.

"Nikola Technology efficiently converts RF signals like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE into DC power using its proprietary energy harvesting circuit," explains the company on its website. "The result is usable energy that can provide power to mobile devices wirelessly."

Though not perfect by any means, Nikola energy-capturing case holds promise

For a sponsorship contribution of $99, early supporters of the project will gain exclusive first-issue access to the case, which doesn't so much charge an iPhone actively as it does extend its normal battery life. Still, the case's novelty, and more importantly its longer-term potential, is what stands to inspire a new generation to take advantage of energy inefficiency and waste.

One major drawback to the technology is that its relatively slow to harvest energy, and the case itself doesn't contain an actual battery of its own to store excess charge. At the same time, the case itself is small and form-fits well to the iPhone, acting as an all-in-one battery extension package that's sleek, discreet and unobtrusive.

"As magical as this sounds, the iPhone case won't be able to charge your phone from zero to 100%," explains Business Insider about the case, which captures some 90% of the stray signals that would otherwise be lost. "And it won't charge very quickly either -- the antenna and power-converting circuit can only extend the battery life of an iPhone 6 by about 30%, and it all works extremely slowly."

Tesla's visions of wireless energy threatened the military-industrial complex; were his ideas sabotaged?

The official Kickstarter campaign for the case is expected to be launched in June, and its unveiling is sure to inspire many curious folks to take a closer look at the energy discoveries of the man behind the Nikola name, Nikola Tesla. This Serbian-American scientist is the reason why we have modern technologies such as radios and a working power grid.

A Serbian-American inventor captured by what many in his day claimed were crazy, unrealistic visions of the future, Tesla's pie-in-the-sky ideas admittedly led to some pretty amazing breakthroughs in energy technology. Of particular interest was Tesla's dream of developing a way to transmit energy wirelessly using only air as a medium.

Tesla had been working on a project way back when that would have demonstrated this on a large scale -- the Tesla Tower, also known as Wardenclyffe, which reports at the time highlighted was being designed to draw millions of volts of electricity through the air from Niagara Falls and feed it into cities, factories and private houses from the tops of towers, all without wires.

You can view images of the Wardenclyffe tower here:

The project was never completed, at Tesla's own volition, with some suspecting that he put it to rest after recognizing its potential for misuse and destruction. Others believe Tesla may have been influenced by outside forces to shut the project down, as it also had the potential to put an end to war and threaten other industries related to the control of energy and power.


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