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Originally published May 17 2015

Health experts warn Canadian parliament over harmful effects of cell phone radiation

by L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

(NaturalNews) Most of our understanding of how the world works comes from observing the physical realm and learning from what we can see and touch. What we often fail to recognize are the dimensions that exist beyond our grasp. We reach for the cell phone not giving second thought to the electromagnetic radio frequency waves (EM-RF) being emitted from the device. We screw in new CFL light bulbs not realizing they are a triple threat of dirty electricity, electromagnetic radiation and mercury exposure. We hold laptops in our laps and tuck mobile devices in our pockets, but do we understand that these signals might be interfering with our sleep, mood, and cognition? How do these energy fields disturb our cellular processes?

All this technology has made communication easier from a distance. It has made the digital world easier to access, but with so many signals blasting through the air and shooting through walls, health concerns have been raised. What are the adverse effects of electromagnetic radio frequency waves? How do they interfere with our mind and energy body?

Health experts debate harmful effects of cell phone radiation in front of Canadian Parliament

A recent three-day gathering at the Canadian parliament featured international health experts and advocacy groups who shared important knowledge about the adverse effects of EM-RF fields. The Canadian parliament is currently preparing a report to be tabled in the House of Commons. Liberal MP Hedy Fry introduced the motion, which will make recommendations to Health Canada to warn consumers about EM-RF fields. The goal is to compile more research to see if there is a link between EM-RF and cancer.

Health experts have already compiled at least 140 studies linking EM-RF with some types of cancer and electromagnetic hypersensitivity. While the cause and effect is hard to measure in the physical world, these studies have shown that women who carry cell phones in their bras have a greater risk of developing unusual forms of breast cancer. They also suggest that increased cell phone use near the brain can cause brain tumors to form. The emissions have also shown to decrease sperm count, hurting fertility.

"The government has a responsibility now to let Canadians know that there's a high probability that there is harm if you don't use these devices properly," said Frank Clegg, CEO of the non-profit group Canadians for Safe Technology. Clegg supports Bill C-648, which would require cell phone manufacturers to display safety warnings on the packaging for all wireless devices. "We're not saying, 'don't use the technology.' We're just saying, 'use it safely,'" he says.

Resistance has come from industry leaders like Bernard Lord, president and CEO of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. He told the committee that research still points to the conclusion that wireless technology poses minimal risk. "When exposures remain below the safety limits set by science-based EMF exposure standards, including Health Canada's Safety Code 6, no adverse effects have been proven through credible scientific evidence," he said.

One expert, Dr. Riina Bray of the Environmental Health Clinic at Women's College Hospital in Toronto, said she is seeing an uptick in patients with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which includes poor concentration, fatigue, headache, digestive disturbances and even heart palpitations. "I'm saying that it's so poorly studied and it's out of control," she said in reference to technology emissions. Bray is most concerned about the health of children, whose brains are still developing.

Tips for limiting exposure to EM-RF

Despite the controversy, Wi-Fi signals and EM-RF waves appear to be here to stay. Here are some ways to limit exposure:


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