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Originally published May 13 2015

Hypnosis replaces gastric band surgery

by David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) British reality TV star Gemma Collins says that she was successfully hypnotized to feel as though she had a gastric band implanted without the surgery ever having taken place. The procedure has made it much easier for her to moderate her eating, she says, and it has helped her lose 40 pounds in three months.

Before visiting the hypnotist, Collins had already begun working with a personal trainer and had undergone the non-surgical body sculpting technique known as 3D Lipo. Starting the process of weight loss made her look at her health differently, she said.

"My weight loss made me want to become healthier," Collins said. "I've also seen the health of my mum deteriorate -- she's had a knee op and is in a wheelchair at the moment. It scares me about my future. I have to get my weight down or I'll end up in a wheelchair, too."

Hypnosis and therapy combined

In order to help her achieve her weight loss goals, Collins approached Robert Hisee, whose website describes him as "the UK's No 1 Hypnotherapist and Unconscious Mind Therapy Coach."

"I was fully aware of what was going on," Collins said. "He said: 'Think back to a time where you were really happy.' I thought of when I was younger and never used to think about food. I only ate if I was hungry. Over the years, it became a bit of an addiction with me."

Collins helped her work through and move past negative feelings from her past, she said, including guilt and shame surrounding her 2011 abortion.

In addition, he told Collins that she would feel full after eating a smaller amount of food, similar to if she'd had a gastric band installed.

"Whatever he's done, it's bloody worked," she said.

Healing from within

In recent years, the medical profession has been taking increasing steps toward embracing hypnotherapy as a legitimate and effective treatment option. In 2009, psychiatric researcher David Spiegel of Stanford University publicly called for it to be added to the list of approved treatments for more conditions in the United Kingdom.

"There is solid science behind what sounds like mysticism and we need to get that message across to the bodies that influence this area," Spiegel said. "Hypnosis has no negative side-effects."

According to Spiegel, studies have backed hypnosis as an effective treatment for conditions as disparate as pain, allergies and high blood pressure. It can even replace anesthesia in certain surgeries.

On his website, Hisee touts other benefits of hypnotherapy, including eliminating unwanted behaviors such as addiction or phobia; relieving health conditions such as depression, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), insomnia, migraine, stress and skin conditions; and even improving athletic performance.

"Helping many people, Robert has stopped depression, boosted confidence, cured phobias, helped with anxiety problems, relationship issues, weight loss and helped to stop pain during labour and so much more," the web site reads. "Robert can also help to change your thought process of any past experiences that might be holding you back."

While researchers do not yet understand the mechanisms by which hypnosis functions, it might use some of the same neural pathways as the placebo effect, a powerful but widely misunderstood effect in which healing takes place when people are given a sham treatment that they believe to be real. Recent research has shown that far from being "all in the mind," the placebo effect activates actual neural pathways that stimulate true healing.

Placebo healing is especially effective in conditions with a strong central nervous system component, such as depression or pain.

(Natural News Science)


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