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Originally published May 6 2015

Vaccine agenda herd mentality is like a pack of lemmings unaware they're running over a cliff

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) There's a reason why the Church of Vaccines loves to throw around the concept of "herd immunity" when reprimanding parents who choose not to jab their children. The entire vaccine agenda, it turns out, is based on mindless herd mentality where people are expected to just line right up and get poison pricked without asking any honest questions or doing any independent research.

Vaccines are safe and effective, we're all told by the media and many health authorities, so there's no room for pointing out that mercury is still added to flu shots, for instance, or that vaccine companies like Merck have been exposed for lying about the safety and efficacy of jabs like the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella.

The science is allegedly "settled," to quote one mainstream media columnist who likened vaccine refusal to "radicalism [that's] tearing America apart." Using one's critical thinking skills and evaluating the science independently simply isn't acceptable in a lemming society, where the public is told to just shut up and obey the government.

The cartoon below illustrates this type of herd mentality in action, depicting a large pack of lemmings literally running off the edge of a cliff. Those lemmings that have yet to actually walk over the edge can see the others plunging to their deaths and they say, "Wait a minute... something feels wrong!" in response to which they are told, "Shut up, you moron! Do as you've been told. It's for your own good!"


When it comes to science that disproves the official narrative, the vaccinated "herd" doesn't want to hear it

This is, in essence, how certain health authorities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for instance, are now approaching the vaccination issue. If you question the safety or effectiveness of vaccines, you'll basically be told to shut your mouth and just comply -- and millions of herd mentality-minded folks will do just that.

But if you're a critical thinker who has taken the time to learn and actually understand the real science behind vaccines -- including how vaccines destroy immunity rather than support it -- you'll automatically be labeled a member of the lunatic fringe, and likely also be ostracized by members of the herd.

It doesn't really matter to the herd if science shows that vaccines spread disease rather than prevent it, either. If you dare to point this out or even bring it up as a possibility, you might be accused of also believing the earth is flat, or even be accused of child abuse.

But the truth remains that vaccines don't work, they aren't safe, and they never provide lifelong immunity in the same way that natural disease contraction and recovery does. And mandating them without allowing for any conscionable objections or informed consent is a blatant violation of both the Hippocratic Oath and the basic human right to accept or reject any medical treatment at will, with no exceptions.


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