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Originally published May 3 2015

Teachers who faked test scores get up to 7 years prison; Vaccine manufacturers who knowingly harm children get windfall profits

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Eight teachers and administrators from the Atlanta Public School system were recently sentenced to prison terms of between one and seven years after being convicted of racketeering simply for faking student test scores. Meanwhile, drug company executives who routinely murder children with legalized pharmaceutical poisons continue to rake in obscene profits with added bonuses, and none of them are in prison.

This is the American justice system, folks, where you and I are held to the strict letter of the law while the fat cats get away with murder, literally, and are never held accountable. It's a sickness of corporate entitlement and special interest elitism that has rotted away the moral core of this country. And until the masses wake up from their chemical- and entertainment-induced slumbers and finally put a stop to it, the racket will only continue to swell until freedom is but a figment of American historical legend.

Just in the past decade, 11 of the largest global pharmaceutical companies siphoned an astounding $711 billion in profits from the legal drug market, while the CEOs of these same companies made a combined $1.57 billion in ill-gotten gains for their dirty work. This, around the same time that several major pharmaceutical manufacturers, including GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), agreed to pay out billions of dollars for fraud involving off-label marketing and selling deadly drugs to children.

If the system was really fair and honest, every single one of these CEOs would be serving life in prison for defrauding Americans, peddling them deadly drugs, bribing doctors and actively obstructing justice. Ironically, if there's any entity that deserves a racketeering conviction, it's Big Pharma -- besides the United States war machine and international banking cartels, there really isn't any other organized crime syndicate on Earth that's more powerful and that systematically operates above the law than the pharmaceutical industry.

Vaccines are the only consumer product exempt from liability; this is a crime against humanity

One glaring example of this is vaccine manufacturers' total immunity from lawsuits and due process. No other consumer product except for vaccines has been granted the unjust privilege of its manufacturer not being held liable when someone is injured or killed through their vaccine violence. But vaccine companies, thanks to their seemingly endless cash flow and overbearing political influence, have corruptly exempted themselves from the normal legal process by establishing a government-sanctioned kangaroo vaccine court to placate the masses.

So if your child develops autism or a serious gut disorder after getting vaccinated, there's no longer any legal remedy at your disposal to collect damages or seek justice (more on this here). Many Americans are still completely unaware of this reality, and are duly oblivious to the fact that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was established specifically to deal with vaccine injuries without actually holding vaccine manufacturers responsible for damages.

Concerning the Atlanta Public School system scandal, this is not to say that the teachers and administrators involved shouldn't be held accountable for test score fraud just because drug company executives aren't held accountable for murdering children -- they absolutely should. But the gross imbalance between how the common man is treated by the justice system -- in many areas of the country, people who possess, use and grow cannabis are still arrested and thrown in prison, for example -- and how corporate executives are routinely let off the hook for crimes against humanity illustrates a deep-rooted injustice that's somehow woven itself into the fabric of our nation's justice system.

Fundamental reform is desperately needed, but is there anyone out there willing to step up and take these corporate criminals to task?


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