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Originally published April 27 2015

FDA contradicts official story about 'inert' homeopathy being ineffective, warns consumers to watch for side effects

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) After repeatedly declaring that homeopathic remedies are just inert water and no better than a placebo, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has suddenly had a schizophrenic moment and decided that homeopathy is now imminently dangerous! That's right -- the same agency that says pharmaceutical drugs, which kill hundreds of thousands of people annually, are "safe and effective" is now declaring war on energized water.

A recent FDA "safety alert" and subsequent press release warns consumers to avoid over-the-counter (OTC) homeopathic remedies specifically for asthma because such products haven't been evaluated by the agency for safety and effectiveness. And as our readers well know, any substance that hasn't been evaluated by the FDA for safety and effectiveness is automatically, in the eyes of the FDA, dangerous for consumers.

This is completely absurd, of course, as homeopathy has been around for centuries, and plenty of peer-reviewed science and clinical research shows that it works. But the FDA is only concerned with promoting the therapeutic use of substances that have first undergone its multi-million-dollar drug approval process, as if the agency was the be-all, end-all of everything related to science and medicine (spoiler alert: the FDA is not God).

But the agency sure thinks that it is, and is once again revealing its true colors with ridiculous "safety alerts" about a safe and effective treatment protocol that has never harmed anyone, and that continues to grow in popularity despite special interest attempts to destroy it. And this, it turns out, is the likely reason why the FDA is suddenly so concerned about the safety of homeopathy -- people are flocking to it in droves!

"Today the homeopathic drug market has grown to become a multimillion dollar industry in the United States, with a significant increase shown in the importation and domestic marketing of homeopathic drug products," admits the FDA.

If homeopathy is really just quack medicine, then why are informed Americans voluntarily choosing it over conventional medicine?

This wouldn't be the first time that the FDA has targeted therapeutic products that escape its regulatory clutches. Natural dietary supplements have been on the FDA hit list for years, with many a cease and desist letter and armed raid sent to supplement manufacturers that become too successful, or that make a significant cut into Big Pharma's ill-gotten profit gains.

This latest stunt by the FDA warning against the alleged "dangers" of homeopathy is no different, as homeopathy is clearly seizing market share from the deadly pharmaceutical drug racket. If homeopathy doesn't work, or is really dangerous as claimed, then why do Americans voluntarily spend more than $3 billion annually on homeopathic products? Similarly, why is the annual growth rate of homeopathic medicines now at 7%?

Something must be working, as homeopathy and other "alternative" medicine protocols often aren't covered by conventional health insurance plans. This means that millions of Americans are voluntarily spending money out of their own pockets to access safe and effective remedies like those offered through homeopathy that work without causing harmful side effects.

If homeopathy really didn't work or was dangerous as claimed, you can be sure that we would all be hearing about it from the people that actually use it. But the only folks whining about how dangerous and ineffective homeopathy supposedly is are drug industry-sponsored talking heads in the mainstream media and the FDA, which just so happens to receive huge payouts from Big Pharma for giving its stamp of approval to their patented drugs.

"People can choose where they wish to spend their money," Dr. Martha M. Grout, M.D., said about the importance of health freedom as it relates to this important issue. "If they choose something that is not harmful, and that may provide benefit, why should that substance be regulated out of existence?"

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