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Originally published April 11 2015

Heart doctor admits vaccines are dangerous

by Jonathan Landsman

(NaturalNews) As a board-certified cardiologist, Dr. Jack Wolfson has done hundreds of angiograms and performed many other conventional procedures like, placing pacemakers inside the body. But, after thousands of medical procedures, Dr. Wolfson started to realize a shocking truth about conventional cardiology.

Heart doctor admits Western medicine will never cure heart disease. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, heart patients will finally hear the truth about reversing heart disease; how vaccines dangers can threaten heart health and, more importantly, what you need to know about reversing cardiovascular disease symptoms. If you're concerned about your heart - do NOT miss this program.

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Conventionally-trained cardiologist admits a shocking truth

"Wow! I was brainwashed right from the beginning. I was trained to believe that the only way was in pills and procedures," says Dr. Jack Wolfson, board-certified cardiologist. He goes on to say, "I could have stayed in my old cardiology job making a ton of money, but I knew I could never look at my children and tell them that I'm proud of what I'm doing."

Dr. Wolfson has a very clear message for every conventionally-trained physician that has a "calling" to practice holistic medicine: 'What are you waiting for?" He encourages every physician to make the shift toward integrative medicine because the "rewards are infinite."

In the past, Dr. Wolfson would perform emergency hospital-based procedures on heart patients, only to see them return weeks or months later - with the same issues. In his office, when Dr. Wolfson used to give out drugs for hypertension, his patients still suffered with high blood pressure - even after taking 4 or 5 different drugs!

But, it was only after he watched his father receive no help from conventional medicine and, eventually, die a very painful death plus the urging of his wife (a doctor of chiropractic) - that Dr. Wolfson realized he had to stop treating symptoms and get to the true cause of disease for the sake of his patients.

The two biggest reasons why millions of people suffer with heart disease

Obviously, there are many factors that contribute to heart disease - everything from personal belief systems or self-defeating attitudes to other forms of stress. But, according to Dr. Wolfson, poor nutrition and chemicals are the 2 biggest threats to heart health.

If you want to avoid years of pain and suffering, lifestyle habits must be examined. Are you eating processed foods filled with unwanted chemicals and genetically manipulated ingredients? Are you surrounded by toxic chemicals in your home due to poisonous household and personal care products? Regaining vibrant health always begins with a good education.

On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Dr. Jack Wolfson has an inspirational message for every healthcare provider and for those suffering with heart disease. If you care about your health - be sure to join us for an informative program that could save your life.

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This week's guest: Dr. Jack Wolfson, board-certified cardiologist

Find out how to avoid heart attacks or a stroke naturally - Sun. Apr. 12

Dr. Jack Wolfson is "The Paleo Cardiologist." Raised in Chicago, he completed four years of osteopathic medical school, three years of internal medicine, and three years in a cardiology fellowship. He is a board-certified cardiologist.

In 2002, he moved to Arizona and joined a large cardiology group, performing hundreds of angiograms, pacemakers, and other procedures. He has seen tens of thousands of patients. In 2012, Dr. Wolfson started Wolfson Integrative Cardiology where the focus is finding the cause of disease and avoiding "pills and procedures".

Heart doctor issues a major warning about stress. We often hear how stress can threaten our health. But, on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Dr. Wolfson details (scientifically) how emotional stress, chemical exposures and the use of vaccines can damage the cardiovascular system. If you're concerned about your heart health - do NOT miss this show!

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