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Originally published April 6 2015

Marjory Wildcraft, backyard food expert, to host 'Home Grown Food Summit'

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Backyard food production expert and author Marjory Wildcraft will host a free online event in April called the "Home Grown Food Summit," which features 30 experts who will discuss a range of topics to help you become more food independent.

In this introductory video, Wildcraft talks about her "passion" for backyard food production, noting that anyone who is concerned about "all the chemicals and toxins" used in commercial food production should definitely attend the summit.

She also notes that backyard food production is a family-oriented activity in which family members of all ages can and do participate.

At the summit, "we are covering all different ways and techniques of growing, preparing and preserving your own food," said Wildcraft.

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In particular, Wildcraft says, there will be eight different presentations alone on gardening methods, five on small livestock that can be kept in backyards, three presentations on different food preservation methods and "two presentations on collecting and using rainwater."

Wildcraft is also the founder of the Annual Bug Eating Festival, which she says initially began as a small event behind her barn but which has since grown into an event large enough to require one of Austin, Texas' most prestigious parks.

"It's just crazy how many people are into it now," she said prior to last year's 7th annual outing.

Wildcraft likens eating a cricket to riding a roller coaster. "At first you are saying no, no. [N]o as the insect gets closer to your mouth. Then you actually eat it, and it tastes... sort of good. Then you get this rush of relief. It's a ride," said Wildcraft.

The various presenters will cover a range of topics, including how to work with children so that they will want to get in on the backyard food production fun, everything you need to know about aquaponics, how to grow your own greens, developing a secret garden for survival and many other subjects.

The Home Grown Food Summit will be held April 6-12 and, again, is available online for free. An introductory video by Martha Wildcraft about the summit is available here.

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