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Originally published February 25 2015

Attempts to silence Dr. Wakefield from testifying fail after Washington, Oregon reject forced vaccinations

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Despite being blocked from providing testimony before the Oregon legislature about the vital need to preserve both informed consent and exemption options for "mandatory" vaccinations, Dr. Andrew Wakefield was able to witness a major health freedom victory in the state of Oregon, where efforts by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward to snuff parents' medical freedom from the state's books failed miserably.

The Associated Press (AP) reports that Senate Bill 442, which would have eliminated the options of both personal and philosophical vaccine exemptions, failed to pass following overwhelming opposition from Oregon parents and other vocal advocates of medical freedom. Forcing parents to vaccinate their children is the antithesis of what it means to "do no harm," was the general sentiment, and the people of Oregon made that abundantly clear to their civil servants.

"The fundamental issue was that of informed consent," stated Dr. Vern Saboe, a chiropractor from Albany who hosted Dr. Wakefield and likewise testified against the restrictive bill. "We're supportive of safe and effective vaccinations. We're not anti-vaccine. We're pro-informed-consent."

Washington state rejects similar bill to eliminate vaccine exemptions

The state of Washington witnessed a similar victory with the rejection of a comparable legislative bill that would have scrapped personal and philosophical vaccine exemptions from state law. Under the bill, only doctors would have been able to decide whether or a not a child can be exempted from vaccine mandates for medical reasons.

According to the AP, House Bill 2009 died in the House after failing to come up for a vote before a strict deadline. Democrat Representative June Robinson, who sponsored the bill, failed to garner enough votes for her authoritarian measure that would have left Washington parents with few options for avoiding vaccination mandates.

"This unconstitutional bill should have never been passed out of committee," wrote one commenter about the victory at "The fact that it did was probably due to all the campaign funds dumped into the pockets of those on that committee from big pharma and other medically related business[es] that would stand to profit should the bill [have] pass[ed]."

Efforts to kill vaccine exemptions using Dr. Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy as anti-vaccine straw men fail once again

What these two major victories demonstrate once again is that the mainstream media's grand vaccine deception isn't working. Parents aren't opting out of vaccinations because of phantom chain emails from "ex-Playmate" Jenny McCarthy, or because of "discredited" studies by Dr. Wakefield -- Dr. Wakefield's study was, in fact, accurate -- but because they have a right to informed consent.

Despite story after story about "angry as hell" moms, militant pro-vaccine doctors who won't see unvaccinated children and other such fascist propaganda, the public isn't buying the idea that anyone should be forced to inject themselves or their children with random combinations of live viruses, toxic metals and chemical preservatives. They also aren't buying the lie that there's no sound science to suggest that vaccines are unsafe and may cause autism.

"Sen. Steiner Hayward took it upon herself to regurgitate the same storyline that the findings of Dr. Wakefield and his coworkers had been disproved from multiple studies and that the author admits he faked all the data, which is blatantly untrue," explained Dr. Saboe prior to the hearing in Oregon.

"You can't mandate agents such as the MMR vaccine when the question of whether or not they cause autism spectrum disease and other diseases is unanswered. There's a risk to having them and there's a risk to not having them. That's why you need informed consent."


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