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Originally published March 29 2015

News publishers take down truthful stories reporting vaccine damaged children after being threatened by vaccine fanatics

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A popular Canadian media outlet recently decided to pull a story that it published back in January about the dangers of the Gardasil vaccine for HPV (manufactured by Merck & Co.) after "some doctors and public health officials" reportedly raised a stink about its content.

Clearly kowtowing to the vaccine industry, the Toronto Star pulled the story after it allegedly led to "confusion between anecdotes and evidence" -- the story was about how Gardasil has severely injured at least 60 Canadian girls, a fact that may have led some readers to forego getting their own children vaccinated.

It was apparently too much for readers of the Toronto Star to have access to information about how injections with Gardasil can lead to debilitating health conditions and death, so the paper's cowardly editors simply removed it, with the only available access to it on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

Even after offering multiple over-the-top disclaimers about how none of the injuries and deaths were "conclusively linked to the vaccine" (even though it was abundantly obvious that Gardasil had caused all of them), the spineless editors of the Toronto Star made the following excuse about why they decided to pull the article:

"[T]he weight of the photographs, video, headlines and anecdotes led many readers to conclude the Star believed its investigation had uncovered a direct connection between a large variety of ailments and the vaccine."

Many doctors are unaware of vaccine injury compensation program, untrained in identifying vaccine injuries

God forbid that readers of the Toronto Star be allowed to make up their own minds about a vaccine that has more than 38,000 reported adverse events and at least 220 deaths. No, let's just pull the story and tell people what they should believe about Gardasil -- that it's completely safe and effective, yay!

On the flip side, The Charlotte Observer boldly published a story recently about a vaccine-injured child by the name of Angelica Black who in 2006 was awarded a nearly $2 million lump sum and roughly $250,000 in annual payments for injuries resulting from childhood vaccinations.

This highly distressing report, which is one of just a few to even talk about vaccine injuries and the oft-ignored vaccine injury compensation program, draws public attention to the very real risk of vaccine injuries that most of the mainstream media is ignoring with its insane vaccine-hawking agenda.

"There's people out there calling for us to get jailed," stated Theresa Black, Angelica's mother, about how the current measles hysteria is affecting her own family. Both Theresa and her husband had to quit their full-time jobs to take care of Angelica around the clock.

"I am not a freak. I am not trying to endanger anyone's child. ... I actually think vaccinating is a good thing. My problem is I don't think they are as safe as they could be. ... There are bad things that happen."

Angelica's story needs to be read by every single parent out there with children or even a child on the way. It's a story that you won't hear from Jimmy Kimmel, who recently mocked vaccine-injured children and their parents for rejecting vaccines, but will it survive the scrutiny and relentless hostility from militant pro-vaccine fanaticism?

"Will this story remain on the Internet, or will it face the same fate as a recent Toronto Star investigative report about girls damaged by the Gardasil vaccine?" asks Health Impact News.

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