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Originally published March 20 2015

Ty Bollinger hosting "Truth About Cancer" series

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Author, speaker and natural health activist Ty Bollinger will host a new docu-series aimed at presenting natural alternatives to traditional cancer treatment.

The free, 11-part series, which begins March 30, is called, "The Truth About Cancer," and it features dozens of doctors and other holistic treatment specialists and experts who are coming together to present their information online. They will discuss how cancer victims can beat, and have beaten, their deadly disease without damaging chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery.

The series will also include nine actual survivors of cancer who successfully treated their disease naturally.

Becoming very emotional, Bollinger, in this introductory video, talked about how his children will never get to meet his parents -- their grandparents -- because both died of cancer.

"The people who are left is who's suffering, you know, the families who are left are who's suffering," he said, becoming tearful. He goes onto say that cancer took "seven direct family members, including my mother and father."

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After that, Bollinger set out on a quest to learn everything he possibly could about so-called "alternative" cancer treatments, as well as the medical industry itself. He will be the first to say that what he ultimately discovered was simply "shocking." For example, he says there is more than enough evidence to support allegations that the industry's "war on cancer" is mostly a fraud. Rather, he maintains, the multinational Big Pharmas are "running the show" and making the rules.

In 2006, Bollinger published a tome titled Cancer: Step Outside the Box. And since then, he's made it his life's mission to share one of the most amazing discoveries that he has made in all of the research he's done: That the overwhelming majority of diseases -- especially cancer -- not only can be easily prevented, but can also be cured without the use of drugs or the need for surgery.

In 2014, Bollinger -- a former competitive bodybuilder and a CPA -- was a featured presenter at a revolutionary online event known as the Global Freedom Summit.

The Truth About Cancer docu-series begins March 30 and will feature presentations and information from 28 doctors and 11 scientists.

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