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Originally published March 22 2015

Hospital superbug kills more people than measles; yet there's little outcry against doctors abusing antibiotics

by L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

(NaturalNews) The national news media have been hyping a Disneyland measles outbreak all winter long in an attempt to gain public support for mandatory vaccinations. Still, after looking at the ingredients in vaccinations, informed parents agree: MMR vaccines are one of the worst pharmaceutical products you would want to force into someone's blood. The US Vaccine Court pays out millions in settlement wages to families whose children have been damaged by vaccines like the MMR. Parents are learning that there are bigger problems than disease like measles. Children can effectively build immunity to measles without toxic vaccines by simply getting the measles and overcoming it. Once a child has had measles, they are immune for life.

The bigger problem informed parents are more concerned about is the well documented side effects of vaccines that may damage a person for life.

Hospitals more dangerous than measles because of antibiotic overuse

Aside from the issue of vaccines, informed parents are realizing that it may be more dangerous to take their children to a hospital in the first place. Hospital superbugs kill more people than measles, yet there is no public outcry against doctors who abuse antibiotics. The influx of prescription antibiotics spurs the evolution of dangerous bacteria. Doctors' overuse and misuse of antibiotics is contributing to the hospital superbug outbreak.

Where are the cries of the national news media when people die in hospitals due to superbug infection? Where is the debate to restrict the use of antibiotics to stop the evolution of deadly superbugs?

The issue is often downplayed, because no one wants to be honest about the dangers of the medical system. How could healthcare really be more dangerous than diseases like measles?

Deadly superbugs spread from patient to patient by endoscope

Well, at the UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center, a deadly bacterium has taken the lives of two people and possibly infected nearly 180 other patients. The outbreak is linked to contaminated medical scopes. (In contrast, no one has died from measles in the past 10 years, according to the CDC. Exposure to superbugs at hospitals is by far more dangerous, consistently taking lives at healthcare facilities.)

Antibiotics are used so liberally by the medical establishment, causing drug-resistant superbugs like carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE). Antibiotics are now a danger to society, ripening conditions for deadly bacteria to evolve and thrive. Deadly superbugs like CRE are now popping up all over the US. A half dozen outbreaks have affected at least 150 patients since 2012, in hospitals from Washington to Illinois to Pennsylvania. Seattle's Virginia Mason Medical Center inadvertently infected 32 patients between 2012 and 2014 with a bacterial strain similar to CRE. Eleven patients died.

The most recent outbreak underscores the severity of the situation. 179 patients treated between October and January at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center have been informed that they may have been exposed to the deadly CRE. Health officials discovered the superbug on a specialized endoscope that was inserted down the throats of patients. These endoscopes can be difficult to disinfect due to their design. They can readily transmit bacteria between patients. Experts predict that the CRE bacteria can kill 40-50 percent of patients if the infection reaches their bloodstream.

As the national news media tries to convince the public that the medical establishment is the answer to disease, the informed population sees right through the facade and recognizes that the medical system itself is more dangerous than diseases like measles.

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