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Originally published March 16 2015

Dr. Jane Orient's medical perspective on mandatory vaccination at the Vaccine World Summit

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) In an exclusive interview with host Jonathan Landsman, Dr. Jane Orient, M.D., executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), provides fresh insights into the vaccine debate that you won't hear anywhere else -- especially from the mainstream media.

The eye-opening interview, which is available as part of the Vaccine World Summit (you can learn more about the summit here), addresses how doctors today are being pressured into repeating the official line on vaccines, even when the latest science suggests that vaccines aren't as safe as many authorities claim.

"Doctors are really intimidated," said Dr. Orient. And when they don't fall in line with what the system says is sound medicine, it could spell the "end of your medical career" if you're a medical professional, she says, even "after all of the years and all of the debt you've accumulated to try to learn your profession."

"It's demeaning and it's insulting, but it's very, very powerful," she said.

Medical fascists keep tabs on doctors through electronic medical records

Part of the way that the system effectively keeps tabs on how doctors are conducting their practice, according to Dr. Orient, is through electronic health records. These digital databases allow higher-ups to monitor which doctors are successfully convincing their patients to abide by the official vaccine schedule, and which ones are not.

Through this, she says, health authorities are able to maintain control, using coercion if necessary, over the medical profession.

"If your patients aren't compliant -- if they do not take all these vaccines exactly on the schedule prescribed -- then your position on the panel may be at risk," said Dr. Orient, referring to a doctor's standing within his or her respective profession.

"You may be thrown off the insurance panel, people might complain about you to the medical board -- physicians are learning that the best thing to do is to shut up and do what you're told and believe that all these people have the best interests of the whole population at heart, and they're much smarter than you."

Conflicts of interest abound in many of the most popular medical journals

Another illusory aspect to modern medicine is the infamous peer-reviewed scientific study, which is still widely regarded as the gold standard of evidence-based medicine. Many of these so-called "scientific" studies are replete with conflicts of interest, as their authors more often than not have direct ties to drug and vaccine companies.

And what about that ostensible concept known as "herd immunity"? It really doesn't hold much merit, contends Dr. Orient, at least not in terms of what vaccines have to offer. True immunity is gained by exposure to wild-type organisms, which in the case of measles provides a lifetime of natural immunity.

"I really dislike the term 'herd immunity' because it's a veterinary concept, and I don't like to think of my patients as cattle," says Dr. Orient.

"It's the idea that an epidemic can't get started if the virus or the organism only comes into contact with people who are immune to it, so it just doesn't get transmitted beyond the original few infected people."

Contrary to what the public is being told, mothers who are exposed to natural, wild-type measles attain immunity that is then passed on to their newborn children, protecting them during that critical developmental time between 12 and 15 months.

This key information and so much more is available as part of the Vaccine World Summit, which you can access here:


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