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Originally published March 14 2015

Yoga benefits empathy, nonverbal communication skills, and spiritual purpose

by Lance Johnson

(NaturalNews) There are many physical reasons to begin practicing yoga. Yoga will increase your flexibility, strengthen and condition your muscles, and give you better balance and posture. That's the good news but the good news gets even better for those just starting this artful discipline: yoga does not begin and end in the physical realm. Yoga can also welcome deeper personal growth, in both the emotional and spiritual realms. As you become aware of your breathing, body movements, and thoughts, you can work on the issues inside you.

In many ways, yoga takes on the form of meditation, and during these times of silence and introspection, you can reconnect with who you are. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up listening to the negative language of the scripted news media. Sometimes it's easy to let wounded people bring us down in their pain, pity, and blame. In yoga, all this negative chatter goes out the window as you create your own space. All the external voices dissipate, allowing you to communicate with your inner, most honest self. Yoga allows you to face fears, quell frustrations, and overcome worries - to welcome emotional self healing.

By releasing tension and pent up lymph, yoga allows you to see health in a new light, making mind body, and spirit connections. The more intuitive you become, the more you can respond to another soul's nonverbal communication cues. Yoga can literally increase your inner level of empathy and compassion. You not only learn how all your muscles and bones are consciously connected, you also realize that your actions are connected to the world around you and all the souls you interact with. Moments in time become reflections, as you see yourself in others. When something happens to you, you begin to realize your role in pulling it to you by the way you think, act, and set intentions.

The more intuitive, empathic, and conscious you become, the more telepathic you become, learning to interpret events and interact non-verbally with people. In this way, you ascend beyond just connecting verbally. You learn to connect energetically and realize that we are all one connected consciousness. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. This realization can bring a level of spiritual fulfillment not found in the many man-made religions. By tuning out of the external world, its expectations and fears, you find yourself lifting to new heights of appreciation and love for all. This can bring an empowering sense of spiritual purpose.

For those who are scared to connect in profound ways, yoga is definitely for you, too. As you let go of physical tension, you can also let go of negative thought patterns and open your heart to healing. Yoga is not only for stretching muscles, it is also an open door for stretching your character and connection to all living things. Yoga is not only for strengthening physical posture, it's also useful for posturing your spirit to face fear and blame which may be consuming and destroying the quality of your life.


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Passionate about holistic wellness, Lance Johnson and his wife invite you to, where you can buy clean, chemical-free body care products.

Passionate about holistic wellness, Lance Johnson and his wife invite you to, where you can buy clean, chemical-free body care products.

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