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Originally published March 12 2015

Building your own greenhouse to grow food and medicine is easier than you think

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A revolution in "green" living is sweeping the globe, and you have the opportunity to be a part of it by learning how to grow your own food and medicine at home. It's not as difficult as many people think it is, but having the right tools, instructions and inspiration are invaluable when it comes to making this self-reliance dream a reality for the average person.

The good news is that all of this is available in The Greenhouse of the Future program, which will teach you the necessary skills to live off the grid, grow your own food and medicine, provide shelter for you and your family, and take advantage of the sun, rainwater and other natural resources that, when properly harnessed, can provide a limitless supply of energy and sustenance, at minimal or no cost.

The product of more than 40 years' worth of research and development by Michael Reynolds' Earthship Homes, as well as a multitude of studies on the benefits of passive solar greenhouses, The Greenhouse of the Future provides a solid framework for building your own unique greenhouse environment that is optimally suited for your unique needs.

"The Greenhouse of the Future is an innovative and strategic design, built of recycled and natural materials, that interacts with the natural phenomena of the planet in order to create the ideal environment for growth and abundance," explains the concept's creators.

DVD, e-book, building plans and more included in low-cost "Greenhouse of the Future" package

The official trailer for The Greenhouse of the Future teases viewers with the prospect of being able to live, work and thrive from the comfort of one's home without ever having to leave the house for anything. Economic crises, food shortages, energy wars, toxins in the food supply -- none of this is a concern when everything you need to live is produced right on your own property.

It might sound like an unattainable fantasy, but that's the beauty of the program. It provides all the information, tools and support you need to create the greenhouse lifestyle of your dreams, including the freedom to generate food, energy and medicine without having to constantly buy it!

So how does it work? By purchasing the program, you'll gain access to an extensive 70-minute documentary that will guide you step-by-step in planning and constructing the greenhouse of your dreams. The film features detailed, three-dimensional animations to help you visualize what your greenhouse will look like and how it will function.

You'll also gain access to a 200-page e-book with greenhouse concepts, graphics, drawings and other useful information for understanding the logistics behind advanced greenhouse technologies. Hundreds of dollars' worth of professional and detailed building plans, as well as 40 pages of plans in both metric and imperial measurements, come with the e-book as well.

"Greenhouse of the Future" will teach you invaluable survival technologies

A greenhouse doesn't have to be just a simple building made of windows for growing plants in the wintertime -- it can be a multi-faceted, year-round survival tool for achieving real autonomy and freedom in the areas of food production, medicine cultivation, energy generation and life preservation.

As an added bonus, you'll also receive a meticulous education in concepts, techniques and technologies like:

• passive solar energy
• thermal mass
• passive geothermal
• passive ventilation
• earth tubes
• rainwater catchment
• using recycled and natural materials
• and much more!

You can learn more about this invaluable program, which is available for as low as $39.95, by visiting:


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