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Originally published February 18 2015

Media parades dead children as victims of anti-vaxxers despite medical facts contradicting the narrative

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Vaccines are a total fraud; the public is waking up to this undeniable fact, and the mainstream media is now ferociously attempting to stuff the cat back into the bag through mass manipulation. Lacking any semblance of scientific backing, the official narrative appeals solely and obtrusively to base human emotions with constant media reminders about all the children that are supposedly dying left and right because of those evil "anti-vaxxers," and emphasizing the need for legislation to block all vaccine exemptions in response.

All across the media spectrum, images and stories of dead children who supposedly met their early fate because some people choose not to inject themselves or their children with immune-damaging chemicals and aborted human fetal tissue are being paraded around as "evidence" that medical freedom needs to be completely abolished. Some of the latest media reports include violent rants from "angry moms" who consider it a privilege to be exposed to their vaccinated children.

"You have stood on the shoulders of our collective protection for too long," wrote one deranged mother who convinced herself that her newborn baby boy was exposed to measles from an unvaccinated person. Though the young boy hasn't even been confirmed as having measles yet, his mother says that, if he does end up having the infection, it was definitely an unvaccinated person that was responsible for giving it to him.

"As an unvaccinated person you are only protected by our good graces," she added from her delusional high horse, noting that another one of her children died several years prior from a blood infection that admittedly had nothing to do with being vaccinated or unvaccinated -- she apparently just threw that in there for shock effect and to pull at the heart strings of the naive a little tighter.

Everything the media is claiming about "anti-vaxxers" is a lie, just like vaccines

Nowhere in her tirade did the mother in question talk about how attenuated live virus vaccines like MMR shed viruses for weeks following vaccination. This would blow a major hole in her unsubstantiated theory that an unvaccinated person somehow spread measles to her son -- if confirmed to have measles, the boy was likely infected by a vaccinated person.

Many of her other claims, including that vaccines no longer contain thimerosal (mercury), are also patently false. Flu shots given from multi-dose vials, such as Novartis' Fluvirin[PDF] and Sanofi Pasteur's Fluzone,[PDF] admittedly still contain thimerosal.

And what about the claim that vaccines have never been proven to cause autism? U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whistleblower William Thompson had a lot to say about this back in the fall when he came forward with information about how the agency covered up data showing that the MMR vaccine for measles causes autism, especially in young African American boys.

The package insert included with Merck's MMR vaccine also lists numerous adverse events that are characteristic of autism,[PDF] including encephalitis (brain inflammation), seizures and gut inflammation. These and other horrific adverse reactions, including death, are admitted by the vaccine's manufacturer as possible outcomes from MMR.

If you can rise above all the hype, fear-mongering and lies coming from the pro-jabbers, all you're left with is the realization that everything the media is accusing anti-vaccine advocates of doing is exactly what the pro-jabbers are doing -- actively denying science, personally attacking anyone who opposes vaccines and unscrupulously trying to eliminate medical freedom.


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