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Originally published February 13 2015

E-cigarettes loaded with toxic chemicals, study finds

by S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) "E-cigarettes" are just one of the nicknames for electronic nicotine delivery systems. Unfortunately, there is currently no international standard for testing e-cigarettes, commonly called e-cigs, for safety, and the high levels of toxins found in some of them range from formaldehyde to acetaldehyde, which are found in embalming fluids and industrial plants, respectively. Health experts in Japan are warning about these cancer-causing chemicals that are evident in the vapor produced by several types of e-cigarette liquid.

One must be "slow" to criticize e-cigarettes though, because across the globe, millions of people are thanking e-cigs for helping them get off commercial "cancer sticks." Some of the e-cigs don't even contain nicotine, so there's a tradeoff there too. But what happens when you DO smoke embalming fluid (formaldehyde) -- are you slowly "embalmed"?

What happens when you smoke acetaldehyde, which is used in industrial plants to make acids and other chemicals -- do you become a walking acid pit? Do you destroy your own immunity, vitality and good bacteria? It's time to find out.

One brand of e-cigarette, in the study, was found to contain 10 times the level of carcinogens contained in one regular cigarette, according to Dr. Naoki Kunugita and the research team at the National Institute of Public Health in Japan. How could this be? When the wire that vaporizes the liquid gets too hot... that's how. Do you have the right lithium-charged battery? E-cigs don't contain tobacco, so right now, the FDA of the USA has no authority over them, much like in Japan.

However, in Japan, the "ENDS" (electronic nicotine delivery systems) are subjected to pharmaceutical laws. Will Big Pharma buy out all the rights to e-cigs in America, and collaborate with the FDA and our dictator Obama to regulate, tax and manufacture them with some patents and new drug laws?

Most e-cigarettes contain high amounts of the heavy metal toxins lead, nickel and chromium, thanks to the cartridges. Chromium doesn't even exist in cigarette smoke, so e-cigs have added a new factor while taking others out of the "vaping" (vapor) equation. So then that begs the question -- what about babies and children getting secondhand vapors that contain these toxic heavy metals? What about inhaling nicotine secondhand?

Should e-cigarettes be illegal to use indoors in public places? Another study done at the University of Southern California (USC) is saying that we should be concerned about secondhand e-vapors. E-cigs still release toxins into the air, period. It's not just about the flavorings and nicotine, in other words. Sure, there's no more ammonia, pesticide and bleach, but that doesn't make it okay for toddlers to breathe in. In the USC study, nickel levels were recorded at four times higher in e-cig vapor than normal cigarette smoke. This raises valid concerns. This research was conducted recently at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and published in the journal Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts.

The good news about e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes provide a "substantially safer alternative" to smoking traditional cigarettes, says Kingsley Wheaton, a spokesman for British American Tobacco.

Although nothing is "perfectly safe," compared with a cigarette, e-cigs are a hundred times safer. For people who switch to e-cigs, within a month or two, their sense of smell and taste comes back. Plus, by cutting out thousands of chemicals, which are mainly the pesticides, the depression "factor" is cut way down, so is the anxiety and tension. The organs aren't working so hard to filter all those toxins, and the central nervous system (CNS) isn't taxed so heavily. This means the heart isn't working as hard, although nicotine still causes veins to constrict, and this can be dangerous over time.

The best thing to do after switching to e-cigarettes from commercial ones is to slowly wean yourself off the nicotine and begin infusing superfood nutrition. Not many "stop smoking" courses offer this advice, but the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, does recommend one called, "14AndOut - Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days." You too can go from "e-cigs" to "no cigs" without a hitch. Check it out. It's just "one more click" away.


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