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Originally published January 26 2015

Survey: How many globalists avoid eating GMOs, drinking tap water and getting injected with vaccines?

by S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) A globalist, in general terms, might be defined as someone who advocates planning of economic and foreign policy in relation to developments throughout the world. Most will claim their efforts are "for the greater good" or to "feed a starving world" -- or something to that effect -- but do they really "care," or are they only in it for the money (and control), with a publicized plan that they would NEVER and don't ever engage themselves? That's the question. A question of ethics and common sense then comes up.

Wouldn't it be great if, right now, we could polygraph test every globalist and ask them three prolific questions? If each and every one of them had to tell the truth of what they know about Western food, tap water and allopathic medicine choices, well, you can be sure that the results would be mind-blowing and change the way most Americans function from day to day.

Also, if vaccines are safe, why on Earth does Congress give the whole industry legal immunity?

When the president of the US is sworn into office, wouldn't you think that, if he or she doesn't already know, his/her advisors would inform him of anything that could, would and does cause health detriment? Of course they would, and that word travels fast, to friends, cohorts and constituents. Globalists, politicians and the honored "cabinet" all know the facts. They avoid genetically modified "Frankenfood" like the plague, well, at least most of them do most of the time. You really think Obama or Bill Gates and his family get the flu shot, when they ? Ever heard of "round table" discussions?

Why do you think it's so difficult for cities to successfully vote to stop fluoridating the municipal tap water? That orchestrated, insidious plan has been sent down from the top, and that's where the decision-making really takes place. Congress is well-informed! Didn't you know that fluoride is a by-product of fluorine gas common to nuclear industries? It's a DRUG IN THE WATER, mainly insecticide imported from China that goes unlabeled in the USA.

The same goes for GMO food! Just watch, when a state tries to label GMOs, "Big Food" pours in millions to snuff it out. Maybe you've heard of some mom-and-pop companies called Monsanto, Coke and Pepsi. No?

Industry front groups and the money-making GMO machine

Not only do the huge corporations confuse consumers and make them think that labeling GMOs would be expensive, but the US government hires former Monsanto higher-ups to run the FDA, the USDA and the EPA. They all know that pesticide- and glyphosate-laden food causes cancer, but it's a money-making machine, and they're all in on it. This is why Congress people will not vaccinate their children, and this is also why they exempt themselves from Obamacare. You see, Obamacare is allopathic care only. Alternative medicine is NOT covered by Obamacare. It's only sick-care coverage. Most chiropractic care is not covered under Obamacare, nor are naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy or message therapy.

Globalists are all too aware of all the toxic ingredients in vaccines and flu shots, including MSG, formaldehyde, mercury under the guise of thimerosal and, of course, aluminum for autism and Alzheimer's.

Flu shots and vaccines even list these toxic adjuvants and emulsifiers on the package and the insert warning, but nurses and patients alike rarely if ever read this, or if they do, nobody really takes it to heart. Most globalists and congress people invest their capital in the chronic sick-care industry -- inundated with synthetic pharmaceuticals, toxic chemotherapy medications and useless surgery performed on cancer patients.

Need good resources and research based on all of this?

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Even Dr. Oz does NOT vaccinate his children; he's said it himself. Sure, you have your doubts right now, so just click and listen:

Sure, we can't prove either way whether globalists and the US Congress do or don't vaccinate, or eat GMOs and drink tap water regularly, but do we need to? We have complete control ourselves by regulating everything WE purchase and consume. Be your own regulator and take control!


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