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Originally published February 1 2015

Newborn baby dies from starvation in parked car while parents stuff their faces at Golden Corral

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) An Indiana couple is facing murder charges after their 22-day-old baby was found dead in their vehicle while they gorged themselves on processed sugar, additives and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) at a Golden Corral buffet restaurant near Tampa, Florida.

The local FOX 13 News station reports that Ruby, 23, and Roy Stevens, 48, claim they had just arrived in Lakeland and checked into their motel when they noticed that young Betsey Kee's feet were cold. They say they went ahead and covered her feet with a blanket and proceeded to go to the Golden Corral.

Rather than bring the child into the restaurant, the Stevens left her inside the car along with her two siblings, a one-year-old brother and a two-year-old sister. All the children were forced to sit in isolation while their parents stuffed their faces with cheap buffet food inside the restaurant.

After finishing up their food, Ruby and Roy went back to the car and noticed that Betsey was no longer responding, so they called 911. Officials who arrived at the scene described it as unsettling, with one police chief saying it was one of the worst things he had ever seen in his multi-decade career.

"When I saw the photographs... it shook me to my core because in thirty years, I have never seen anything like that," stated Lakeland Assistant Police Chief Mike Link to FOX 13 News.

Parents waited more than three hours to report Betsey's death

Weighing in at only four pounds, which is about half of what she should have weighed for her age, 22-day-old Betsey was determined to have died of starvation, something her parents later denied. After examining the child, officials say there is no way that the Stevens' story pans out.

Ruby and Roy -- Roy is not even Betsey's biological father -- told police that they had fed the child several times on the trip down from Indiana. But an analysis by the medical examiner revealed that this simply could not have been the case, as very little food was in the child's body.

It was also determined that the Stevens failed to report Betsey's death for more than three hours, further implicating their gross neglect of this helpless and innocent child.

"It's very apparent -- it would be very apparent to anyone who saw the photographs -- that this did not occur overnight or in days," added Asst. Chief Link. "In my opinion this child suffered from day one of birth, to the time that she passed away."

Starving one's own kids for cheap factory food a metaphor for declining American society

The two other children, the condition of whom was not reported in the media, were immediately taken into custody by the Department of Children and Families. As far as young Betsey -- she likely suffered since her birth, according to officials.

"They failed miserably to take care of this child," stated Link. Both Ruby and Roy have been charged with first-degree murder for killing their child. "She suffered tremendously over the 22 days she was alive to meet this kind of demise."

As disgusting as this case is, it serves as a type of metaphor for modern American society. People today are overindulged, negligent and lack even basic common sense. And all the while, our so-called leaders and politicians piss away our children's futures while we do absolutely nothing to stop them.

"We have become an exceedingly selfish and self-centered society that seems to care very little that we are literally destroying the future of America," wrote Michael Snyder for End of the American Dream.


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