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Originally published January 15 2015

Mainstream media covers dog poop story instead of medical kidnapping of teen boy

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) You will never hear us at Natural News accuse the mainstream media of good news judgment, especially when it comes to political coverage, but some decisions made by news editors and producers just baffles us -- and radio host Robert Scott Bell.

On a recent program, Bell took umbrage at a decision by a local Fox affiliate to pass up coverage of a young boy who was medically kidnapped, then abused while in custody, to focus instead on doggy doo.

Bell blogged:

On Tuesday [January 14] in Chicago, there was an important hearing in the Isaiah Rider Medical Kidnap case. 17 year old [sic] Isaiah was taken from his mother Michelle Rider by DCFS after Luries Childrens Hospital accused her of "medical abuse". (In case you haven't heard, children's hospitals have now rewritten the definition of "I would like a second opinion" to now mean "medical abuse")

No interest

Bell said he and show producers decided to call around to local news affiliates and see if any of them decided to actually send a news crew there to cover the story.

What they found out disturbed them -- not one station decided to send a crew.

"Later in the day, we thought it might be interesting to see what these reporters DID cover instead," Bell wrote.

"So....what did FOX 32 Chicago decide to cover instead of a mother fighting for 9 months to regain custody of her son who was illegally kidnapped by the medical system? Trying desperately to rescue her son from a foster care system that DCFS placed him in that resulted in physical and sexual abuse?"

Dog "stuff" takes precedence

A story concerning a "dog dropping dilemma," in which the storyline was this: simply, that dog owners are not doing a very good job of cleaning up after their pets, and, well, it's a growing issue.

At one point, a female who answered the newsroom phone at local super station WGN said a news crew from the broadcaster would be there, but then she backed off that claim, saying that the station would "try" to send a crew and that it "planned" to send a crew.

"Where is the lame stream, mainstream media on this?" Bell asks on the air, after a montage of recorded calls to local news crews from his producer aired.

You can listen to Bell's producer calling local stations' newsroom here:

Isaiah told The Inquisitr news site in an interview that medical personnel at the children's hospital were "trying to say that she medically abused me, but she didn't."

Isaiah, who is from Kansas City, Missouri, was removed from his mother's custody last year following a March surgery in Chicago "related to his neurofibromatosis, a genetic condition causing tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body," The Kansas City Star reported. He has had chronic medical problems since age six. Surgeons amputated his left leg in 2012 after a fracture would not heal properly.

Following his surgery last year, though, he remained in so much pain that Michelle considered transferring him out of Lurie Children's; it was then that she was suddenly charged with suspected medical child abuse. State child welfare officials placed Isaiah in protective custody, including foster care, for months.

The Star report continued:

Among the hospital's allegations is that Michelle Rider moved her son from hospital to hospital in several states, disagreed with physicians' advice and insisted on pain medication for her son. Staff members reported that Isaiah Rider's pain tended to lessen when his mother wasn't around.

Michelle Rider continues to maintain that she has just been looking out for the best interests of her son.

"She was just trying to get me better"

Illinois officials permitted Isaiah to return home in September, in the custody of his grandparents. He cannot see his mother without the supervision of one of her parents.

"Isaiah was suffering. He was suffering," Michelle Rider said. "We have video of him suffering. They could not control his pain, so we asked for a transfer to another hospital. We were asking for them to get appropriate help, and they were failing to do that."

"It's very frustrating. It's very inconvenient," Michelle said. "He's 17 years old. This needs to stop."

Of his mother's actions, Isaiah said he believed Illinois child welfare officials were "wrong."

"She was just trying to help me out and get me better," he told the Star.


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