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Originally published January 6 2015

The top 10 "Big Food" health slogans and myths busted!

by S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) Like they say, if you hear something enough times, you start believing it, even if at first it sounds absurd. That's how advertising for toxic products works, and Americans have been falling for it for generations. You may recognize some or all of these popular slogans, or you may not. It doesn't really matter to Big Food, as long as you consume them.

For decades, Americans have believed that milk and meat are essential parts of a balanced "diet." Millions of people think that athletes need Gatorade to replenish essential electrolytes. Why would they ever think that? People believe that whole grains keep you "regular" and help with weight loss, when they can really cause inflammation and sometimes IBS. Millions think that canola is just a vegetable oil, but it really comes from rapeseed, which is toxic to ALL humans. Do you buy conventional "whole wheat bread" that you think is good for you, not understanding that gluten stops you up (for days or even weeks) and contains pesticide? Do you just "love" beef and make meat a part of nearly every lunch and dinner? Could you be brainwashed into the protein myth? It's very taxing on your body to break down meat to get to the amino acids (the real protein). Plus, that meat might contain hormones, antibiotics and GMO feed, but that's a long story there.

Reverse psychology works

Do you avoid butter because some imitation said it was healthy to? Maybe now you're consuming cancer, heart disease and your own demise. Do you think because the United States is so powerful and advanced that the water coming from your tap is clean, disease-free, chemical-free and fine to consume? Maybe you're just one of those people who drinks diet soda and chews sugar-free gum, thinking that you're maintaining or losing weight and NOT getting cancer from them. Why would you ever think that? You must have seen a commercial with some skinny, happy models showcasing your favorite beverage. Maybe you thought you could "Be like Mike" (Michael Jordan) for some strange reason if you drank the right sports drink. Could reverse psychology have you engaging in daily behaviors that breed disorder and disease of your cells. Let's check and see.

How many of these sayings inspire you to consume something that does the exact OPPOSITE to your body and brain?

"Milk... It does a body good"

"Gatorade... win from within"

"Whole grains -- How much is enough?"

"Canola beats all"

"Beef -- It's what's for dinner"

"Wheaties -- Breakfast of champions"

"Wonder Bread -- 8 essential nutrients"

"I can't believe it's not butter"

"Lose weight with diet soda"

"Fluoride fights cavities"

So, what's your score? How many of these top ten health detriments have you fallen for in the past decade or two? What toxins do you consume daily that lead to chronic healthcare issues that you could be avoiding completely, if you only knew the truth and acted on it?

Just food for thought in conclusion: No animal on planet Earth consumes milk after infancy or from another animal, except humans. The fluoride put in tap water is an industrial chemical that the USA imports from China that doubles as insecticide.

Lastly, if you see an ad for something on TV over and over and over again, the odds are that the product is cheap, useless and probably toxic, because only Big Food and Big Pharma have THAT kind of money to spend on advertising campaigns to brainwash you.


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