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Originally published December 29 2014

GMOs contaminate Europe despite national bans; dangerous biotechnology can't be contained

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The idea that genetically modified (GM), conventional and organic crops can all coexist peacefully with one another while singing kumbaya next to the fire is an absolute delusion, as evidenced by a new study out of Europe. Researchers found that, despite bans on both the cultivation and import of GM rapeseed (canola) into Switzerland, transgenic crops manufactured by both Monsanto and Bayer CropScience are turning up along roadsides and near inland ports.

Published in the journal PLOS ONE, the depressing new study, entitled "Unexpected Diversity of Feral Genetically Modified Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.) Despite a Cultivation and Import Ban in Switzerland," suggests that GM crops and their respective traits have already infiltrated a bulk of the world's food supply, and that it may already be impossible to remove or contain them. This is despite manufacturer claims that GM crops are easily cordoned off from contaminating real food crops.

According to the paper, GM rapeseed plants were found growing alongside railway lines and in port areas at four sites in Switzerland between 2011 and 2012. The most afflicted areas were the Rhine port and St. Johann freight railway station, both in Basel. Identified were Roundup-resistant GM rapeseed plants owned by Monsanto, known as GT73, as well as glufosinate-resistant GM events MS8xRF3, MS8 and RF3, all owned by Bayer and sold under the name "InVigor."

Five sampling locations at the Rhine port were found to contain the "Frankenplants," which have never before been detected in Europe -- as they shouldn't be, since the plants are not allowed to be grown there. Some European countries currently allow the import of feed and other products that contain derivatives from these crops, but no European Union countries are allowed to grow GM rapeseed in any way, shape or form.

"In the European Union, GM OSR [genetically modified oilseed rape] cultivation is presently prohibited and authorization for the import for food and feed processing is confined to the GM OSR events GT73 (Roundup Ready, Monsanto), MS8, RF3, MS8xRF3 and T45 (all traded as InVigor, Bayer CropScience)," reads the study, citing the European Commission's official register of authorized GMOs.

Illegal GM crops spreading around the world, turning non-GM and organic crops into transgenic mutants

Also observed as part of the study was clear evidence of "outcrossing," or the transference of genetic material between differing plant strains. Monsanto's GT73 GM rapeseed plants, which are illegal in Europe, were found to be spreading their tainted genes to non-GM rapeseed plants in the area. GreenMedInfo's Sayer Ji refers to this phenomenon as "biorape."

"Another concern with respect to the cultivation of GM OSR is an unintended gene flow towards conventional or organic OSR crops which could lead to co-existence conflicts between different farming systems," explains the study.

This has been observed not only in Europe but also in the U.S., where GM canola plants have been found growing along roadsides in the Dakotas. Transgenic wheat was also found growing in Oregon, despite the fact that no commercial varieties of GM wheat have even been approved for cultivation. And unapproved GM maize that has been banned for more than a decade due to safety concerns has also turned up in Saudi Arabia.

"The larger implications of discoveries like these is illegal (unapproved) GM plants may still be produced in the US (accidentally or by intention), and exported domestically and abroad, admixed with conventional and/or organically-certified materials," wrote Ji.


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