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Originally published December 19 2014

SWAT team disfigured toddler with grenade - Habersham County, Georgia, leaves family with $1 million in medical debt

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A Georgia family whose child was blown up by a flash grenade during a botched drug raid, which a local pastor had the audacity to claim was part of "the Lord's work," has had their lives completely destroyed, with over $1 million in medical debt that the local government responsible for this act of terrorism is now refusing to pay.

On May 28, the Cornelia home of Habersham County residents Alecia and Bounkham Phonesavanh was raided by a police SWAT team, which assaulted their 18-month-old son Bounkham Jr. with a flash-bang device. The child was consequently left with a disfigured face and a collapsed lung, and the previously debt-free family has since incurred an insurmountable level of debt paying for his medical expenses.

Habersham County sheriff's deputy Charles Long, pictured on the right here, is reportedly the one that threw the grenade, leaving young "Bou Bou," as his parents called him, with terrible burn marks on his face and chest. A gruesome photo of what Deputy Charles Long, under the leadership of Sheriff Joey Terrell, did to young Bou Bou during this violent act of domestic terrorism by police can be seen here.

According to reports, the SWAT team was looking for Mr. Phonesavanh's 30-year-old nephew, who a confidential informant had claimed was selling small amounts of methamphetamine from his mother's home. But the nephew, Wanis Thonetheva, was not even living at the house, which drug agent and deputy Nikki Autry had nonetheless secured a "no-knock" warrant for. This warrant was executed by the Habersham Special Response Team.

"Before this, we didn't owe anybody anything," Mrs. Phonesavanh told ABC News, referring to all the medical debt incurred in the treatment of young Bou Bou. The Phonesavanh's had just moved down to Georgia temporary to stay with relatives after their house back in Wisconsin burned down. "And now after all this, they have completely financially crippled us."

Another shocking image of what Habersham Sheriff Joey Terrell's department did to 18-month-old Bou Bou is available here.

Sheriff Terrell says his band of thugs would "do the same thing again"

It has been hoped that the massive public outcry that ensued following the story's release, which gained national attention over the summer, would elicit not only an apology from the Habersham Sheriff's department but the arrest and prosecution of those responsible. Instead, Sheriff Joey Terrell told reporters that, if given the opportunity, he and his team would conduct another raid the exact same way.

"Our team went by the book," stated a smug and self-righteous Sheriff Terrell, as quoted by "Given the same scenario, we'll do the same thing again. I stand behind what our team did."

You can contact Sheriff Terrell to share your thoughts on his team's actions here:
Sheriff Joey Terrell
Habersham, Georgia
Main phone: (706) 754-6666 ext. 101
Secondary phone: (706) 839-0509

More contacts at the Habersham County Sheriff's Office are available on post #100 at the following link:

Speaking to WSB-TV Atlanta, Sheriff Terrell, laughing throughout his interview concerning the disfigured child, asked the public to pray for himself and the other officers who were apparently traumatized after blowing up the child. Sheriff Terrell reportedly had to get counseling from his "pastor," Mike Franklin of "The Torch" church in Demorest, Georgia, over the incident:

Franklin reportedly consoled Sheriff Terrell by telling him that he and his deputies are "doing the Lord's work" by raiding people's homes and blowing up children over suspected drug possession and distribution. Franklin is also quoted by Atlanta's WABE as saying the following when folks from other cities came to protest the Nazi-like militarization of the Habersham Sheriff's department:

"We don't think it's appropriate to come into our rural county with their metro agenda and try to shove down our throats what their agenda is," stated Franklin in support of Habersham's evil drug war atrocities, which he likens to the Lord's work. "We don't want narcotics legalized."

The following image sums up Franklin's beliefs about the Lord's work:

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