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Originally published December 16 2014

'The Truth About Cancer' donates $50,000 to cancer charities

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A major milestone has been reached in the quest for real cancer solutions that don't involve blasting victims' bodies with more cancer-causing radiation or forcing them to undergo poisonous chemotherapy treatments that eventually kill them.

Thanks to the generous support of good folks like our own readers here at NaturalNews, many of whom helped support the cancer docu-series "The Quest for the Cures" by purchasing DVDs, The Truth About Cancer was recently able to donate $50,000 to legitimate cancer charities that advocate for natural therapies over conventional quackery.

On December 5, representatives from Angels for Shannon, Cancer Crackdown, Healing Strong, and the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF), as well as Jared Bucey, the "Kid Against Chemo," converged at the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin, Texas, to enjoy a nice organic lunch together and receive their awards.

Presenting in the hotel lobby was Ty Bollinger, author of the book Cancer: Step Outside the Box and creator of "The Quest for the Cures" docu-series. In a sincere outpouring of his incredible labor of love, Bollinger thanked each of the charities for their continued work in helping people find real solutions to cancer treatment.

"In the Bible it says 'it's better to give than to receive,'" stated Bollinger to the award recipients.

"This is so much of a blessing for us to be able to give back to your charities that are doing the work that is so important to help people realize that they do have options other than chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, and that they can treat their cancer naturally and live long, productive lives."

A complete video of the awards ceremony is available here:

'The Truth About Cancer' to go global in 2015

The 11-part docu-series that made the awards possible includes powerful interviews with 28 doctors, 11 research scientists, 11 cancer survivors, and an attorney who tell all about their preferred modes of natural cancer treatment. A video trailer of this amazing series is available at the following link:

The first two episodes of the series are available in full length on YouTube here:

To watch the rest of the episodes, you'll need to sign up for their next airing:

"Next year, The Truth About Cancer, we're going to go global," added Bollinger about what's next for this groundbreaking project. "We'll be going global in getting interviews with medical doctors in other countries who are treating cancer naturally."

Learn more about the cancer charities that received awards

The amazing work of each of the charities that received part of the $50,000 award is critical to counteract the tide of misinformation coming from the mainstream cancer industry. Each of these groups and individuals is a beacon of light and hope for cancer victims everywhere, who need to know that beating cancer is possible using natural therapies.

Angels for Shannon actively raises money for individuals with cancer who choose to fight their disease naturally. The group also organizes fundraising efforts, raises awareness about natural cancer treatments, and coordinates with other nonprofits with similar goals:

Cancer Crackdown partners with cancer fighters to assist them in their battle with cancer, including providing funds for those who can't afford treatments not covered by insurance:

For many years, ICRF has been building an extensive online archive of articles, papers, and other pertinent information about natural cancer treatments for anyone needing these resources:

Healing Strong works directly with patient-to-patient advocacy support groups and provides evidence-based education to help people heal from cancer with strength. The group also teaches others to form their own "mini" Healing Strong groups for greater impact:

Kid Against Chemo is the work of one young man by the name of Jared who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but decided to forego chemotherapy and take a natural approach. Jared is alive, well, and thriving, despite having been told by conventional doctors that he would be dead within six months:


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