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Originally published December 1 2014

World's largest independent study on GMOs set to launch

by Julie Wilson staff writer

(NaturalNews) Big news for the Right to Know movement! Awareness regarding the dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has mushroomed, forcing the world to finally put genetically spliced food under the microscope.

Organizers announced in London on November 11 that they will be performing the world's first ever comprehensive and independent study on the safety of GMOs and their associated pesticides. Referred to as "Factor GMO," the project has already begun the preparatory phase, but the full-blown experiment is expected to launch in 2015.

The $25 million study will be the first long-term combined GMO/pesticide safety study involving multi-generational, toxicology and carcinogenicity arms. "Neutral" scientists with reportedly NO ties to the biotech industry or anti-GMO movement will be monitoring 6,000 rats fed GM corn over a three-year period.

Fear of sabotage prompts GMO study location to be kept hidden

Factor GMO is set to take place in Russia and Western Europe and will include an International Scientists Review Board with three experts, one each from the United States, Italy and Russia.

The study's exact location will be kept secret due to "outside interference" that could potentially compromise the day-to-day running of the experiments and/or results.

The study seeks to answer the following questions:
Through careful monitoring of lab rats fed GMO corn, scientists expect to be able to say with confidence whether or not the consumption of GMOs and their associated pesticides is safe. The experiment will answer the following four vital questions:
  1. Are GMOs (or their associated pesticides) toxic to organ systems over the long-term?
  2. Do GMOs (or their associated pesticides) cause cancer?
  3. Do GMOs (or their associated pesticides) reduce fertility or cause birth defects?
  4. Is the mixture of chemicals present in Roundup herbicide more or less toxic than its active ingredient glyphosate?
Factor GMO will be the first comprehensive multi-generational study, meaning it will be the first to thoroughly test the effects that GMOs may have on reproductive capability and the incidence of birth defects when consuming GMO food and Roundup.

Scientists will use a variety of GM maize with "realistic levels" of glyphosate herbicide. GM soybeans could potentially be added for analysis pending the availability of extra funding.

The Scientist Review Board will consist of the following:

Dr. Bruce Blumberg (USA), University of California, Irvine, with specialties in molecular embryology, developmental biology, endocrinology and pharmacology.

Dr. Oxana O. Sinitsyna (Russia), Professor, Dr. Sc. in medicine, with specialties in environmental health, preventative toxicology, safety of drinking water and regulation of chemicals in drinking water.

Dr. Fiorella Belpoggi (Italy), Director and Chief of Pathology at the Cesare Maltoni Cancer Research Centre of the Ramazzini Institute (Bentivoglio, Italy). Dr. Belpoggi has authored more than 100 publications and is a Professor of Industrial and Environmental Carcinogenesis at the University of Turin, Italy.

Biotech industry says the science on GMOs is "settled"

In an attempt to save face in the wake of increasing information discrediting the so-called "safety" of GMOs, the biotech industry says science is solidly on their side, according to a report by Reuters.

"We believe the science is settled," said Andrew LaVigne, CEO of the American Seed Trade Association.

However, not everyone agrees.

"The science on these GMOs is not settled by a long shot," said Blumberg, the American sitting on the study's review board

"Studies that were done by the manufacturers are the main ones showing safety, and those have an inherent conflict of interest."

Industry scientists insist that it is the independent studies that are in fact, invalid and have been "debunked." Karen Batra, a spokeswoman for the Biotechnology Industry Organization, says "merely a handful of studies" highlight health and safety issues, all of which have been discredited.


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