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Originally published November 7 2014

More Munchausen Syndrome fraud by medical establishment results in kidnap, death of vaccine-injured child

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) "It never occurred to me that her problems could be linked to the vaccinations." These were the chilling words of U.K. resident Ragna Erlendsdottir, mother of now-deceased Ella who died after being kidnapped and put under the guardianship of the state. Though the child met her grizzly fate due to being vaccinated, the medical profession falsely accused Ragna of child abuse and stole the girl away, an increasingly common tactic of vaccine zealots who refuse to take responsibility for harming and killing children.

It's known as "Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy," and many well-respected medical professionals admit that it's a completely made-up disease designed to shield the medical industry from liability for vaccine-induced injuries. In the case of young Ella, this diagnosis worked like a charm to basically punish Ragna for trying to help her daughter, who like many other vaccine-injured children was healthy and vibrant prior to getting vaccinated.

Perfectly healthy girl quickly degraded after vaccinations

According to Health Impact News, Ella's otherwise perfect health quickly degraded after she went in for her eight-week round of vaccinations. Ella immediately became feverish and weak, and stopped eating. Ragna took her in for an examination and doctors reassured her that the girl probably just had a virus and that she would be fine in no time.

In the months that followed, Ragna continued to have her daughter vaccinated in accordance with state guidelines, which resulted in the girl's health progressively worsening. This continued until young Ella was given the ill-fated MMR vaccine at 13 months, which caused an extremely bad reaction that left her severely injured and unable to breathe.

"...the neurologist told me that he thought that Ella had a disease, but he had no proof for the diagnosis, so nothing further was done," recalls Ragna, who felt as though she should seek out a second opinion.

Once Ragna realized vaccines were the cause of her daughter's ailments, it was already too late

She did, and came to the conclusion that Ella had been injured by the vaccines, and especially by the MMR vaccine. Even so, Ragna allowed Ella to have just one more vaccine, for influenza, which sent the child into a severe tailspin.

"...her eyes started to move rapidly from side to side, like nystagmus," relayed Ragna to investigative journalist Christina England. "Her body lost blood without any reason, and she needed a blood transfusion of 500ml. She got very sick."

It was at this point that Ragna made a definitive connection between the vaccines and Ella's worsening health, to which she decided to seek out answers. She spoke with four leading experts who confirmed that Ella had been injured by the vaccines, but the original doctors disagreed, accusing Ragne of making up Ella's illness.

Using the fraudulent Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy diagnosis, doctors stole Ella away and kept her in confinement for several months until her mother was finally able to get her home. But it was already too late at this point: young Ella's health had degraded so severely that she died not long after returning home, the direct result of being both vaccinated and kidnapped by the state.

Though it was abundantly clear that Ragna had not abused her daughter, and that young Ella had been injured by the medical system, authorities stuck with the claim that Ragna had literally made up her daughter's illness. And because of their incredible level of influence, there was really nothing Ragna could do in her own defense.

"A defense by a parent against such an accusation by a powerful and respected professional is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to disprove," explains a paper on the subject entitled "A Misconceived and Misguided Medical and Social Construction. "The parent is labeled, stigmatized, and completely disempowered in a moment."

You can read Ella's full sobering story here:


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