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Originally published November 5 2014

Mainstream media goes all-out for smut: fisting, anal sex and more

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Mainstream American entertainment is rapidly plunging into the utter depths of depravity with a slew of recent network television premieres featuring highly inappropriate topics like anal sex and "fisting." The hastening slide of modern-day Babylon into total degeneration is being ushered right along by such television gems as New Girl and The Mindy Project, whose producers admit that they are intentionally pushing the limits by desecrating what remains of the sacred in order to garner higher ratings.

Having to compete with much raunchier shows on both basic and premium cable, as well as streaming television sites like Netflix and Hulu, network television producers are now busy conceiving new "shock" content that is technically against the law for primetime television, but that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has become lax in restricting. As a result, young children are now being exposed to filthy sitcoms about masturbation, sex positions and other hardcore content.

"We got away with murder" was the arrogant and shocking statement made by New Girl producer Brett Baer after the recent premier of his contrived and mostly unfunny show, which airs on Fox. The season opener featured lead actress Zooey Deschanel, in her usual manufactured hipster attire and demeanor, repeatedly muttering "sex fist!" as an expression for one of her roommates' goals of "hooking up" with someone at a wedding.

The first few episodes of the show reportedly contained multiple references to the debased sex fetish of "fisting," as well as derogatory and emasculating comments about a man with a "micro-penis." None of this is funny, of course, and only serves to further pollute and destroy the minds of viewers who probably weren't expecting this type of extreme moral assault when they turned on their televisions. But this appears to be the new norm for the quickly dying medium of network television these days.

"We've given broadcast standards a run for their money," added Baer in full conscience-seared smugness.

America: turn off your televisions and start recreating a wholesome culture apart from the mind-control elite

There's a whole lot more that aired in recent weeks with similarly debased content, including the floundering ABC show Scandal. According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the Shonda Rhimes megaflop featured crude references to various sexual acts involving multiple partners, as well as anal sex and oral sex. And Rhimes told the media rags that she is quite proud to be serving this type of filth to the American public.

"I have no intention of changing what's happening on Scandal at 9," stated Rhimes during an interview with THR. "That will be interesting. I look forward to being censored."

Little does Rhimes know that most Americans have no intention of actually watching her pathetic excuse for a show in the first place, a fact that highlights a much larger call to action against this wholly immoral onslaught -- America, it is time to turn off your televisions and start recreating a wholesome culture that you and your family can enjoy without the influence of the corporate media.

They don't call it "programming" for nothing, after all -- programming that those in the higher echelons of media production have deliberately turned evil in order to destroy the minds of you and your children.

But you can rid yourself of this demonic influence by simply turning off your televisions, canceling your cable subscriptions and reorienting your life around your family, friends and neighbors. You can also actively work to create a new cultural experience for yourselves and future generations that is no longer influenced and controlled by this type of vile corruption.

But the first step is to stop watching television -- at least this kind of television.


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