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Originally published November 12 2014

Flu vaccines are NOT safe for pregnant women, warns doctor

by Jennifer Lilley

(NaturalNews) Award-winning Dr. David Brownstein, a board-certified family physician and medical director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, MI, has a warning for pregnant women and those considering becoming pregnant. In a nutshell, he says that if you're thinking about getting a flu vaccine, don't.(1,2)

His words are ones that are in direct opposition to a recently published Committee Opinion paper by the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), where the organization states that women during this time in their life should get a flu shot. AGOG notes that doing so is "essential" due to the increased risk that a pregnant woman faces when it comes to pandemic and seasonal influenza.

"It is particularly important," AGOG mentions, "that women who are or will be pregnant during influenza season receive an inactivated influenza vaccine as soon as it is available. They continue to express a view that is steeped with a sense of urgency, stating, "It is imperative that obstetrician-gynecologists, other health care providers, health care organizations, and public health officials continue efforts to improve the rate of influenza vaccination among pregnant women."(1)

Imperative? Not so fast, Dr. Brownstein warns.

Flu vaccine safety maintained despite lack of studies

He points out that the flu vaccine is preserved with mercury, a known neurotoxin, in the form of thimerosal. Thimerosal, which apparently contains mercury and is used to keep the flu vaccine free of fungi and bacteria, has been banned in other countries outside of the United States for over 20 years since it's been linked with causing nervous system injury, coma and death.(1,3)

Still, ACOG maintains that it's safe for pregnant women or those considering becoming pregnant to have a flu shot, claiming that no scientific claims prove that the vaccine can be harmful to children. Well, of course they can hold tight to such a statement; Dr. Brownstein says that the ACOG can say this because studies haven't been conducted that consider the effects of thimerosal injection into a pregnant women and its harm to the fetus. In other words, there can't be a scientific claim about something if a study about it hasn't been done in the first place, right? By omitting key details like studies not even having been conducted, the public is severely mislead. Furthermore, Dr. Brownstein maintains that there aren't even studies proving that injection of thimerosal is safe for a pregnant woman.(1)

However, several animal studies have found that injected thimerosal does indeed cross the blood-brain barrier, affecting brains of injected animals as well as their fetuses.(1)

Common sense is imperative; flu vaccine isn't

One only needs to use common sense, he says, to know that injecting toxicity into the body isn't something that's going to put a woman and her soon-to-be-born baby, or anyone for that matter, in the best of health. In fact, the Department of Defense classifies mercury as a material that's so harmful that inhalation, ingestion or absorption through skin could lead to death.(3)

Even the package insert (PI) for the FluLaval quadrivalent vaccine states, "There are... no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women and FluLaval quadrivalent should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed."(1)

His commonsense reasoning echoes what Natural News reports have also warned about. Quite simply, stay far away from the flu vaccine, pregnant or not.

Consider the recent news that, just four days after receiving a flu shot, 10-year-old Marysue Grivna of Tampa, Florida, now has a brain disease called acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM). The disease attacks protective parts of the brain designed to keep the spinal cord and brain functioning properly and behaves in a way similar to multiple sclerosis. She's now nonverbal, hospital bed- and wheelchair-bound and primarily eating with the assistance of a tube.(4)






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