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Originally published November 6 2014

Crackpot biotech CEO arrogantly wants to 'replace every existing organism with a better one'

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) You probably haven't heard his name before -- and perhaps never will again if he is properly discarded of in the news as the complete lunatic that he is -- but Austen Heinz of San Francisco-based Cambrian Genomics believes deep down inside his conscience-seared being that he knows better than God how all organisms, including humans, should be created.

In Heinz's outrageously arrogant opinion, everything currently living on the planet could be made better if only he and his team of deranged scientists were allowed to completely recreate them, a sociopathic pipe dream that he actually plans to one day implement if given the opportunity.

During an interview at the recent Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria, Heinz matter-of-factly dispensed his company's primary mission in the world, which includes recreating all life into his own perceived image of perfection. Life as we know it, he says, is substandard, and requires complex tinkering at the genetic level to be made perfect.

"We want to make everything that is alive on the planet," Heinz is quoted as saying by VentureBeat. "Everything that is alive is not optimal. It can be made better."

Biotechnology is about destroying all natural life

Rather than modify what already exists, Heinz eventually plans to fully recreate everything, spawning new synthetic organisms that don't currently exist, including synthetic humans. This is the direction that he believes biotechnology is already moving, so it is just a matter of fact that eventually computers will be spawning human beings from the vain imaginations of sociopaths.

"We want to make totally new organisms that have never existed, and replace every existing organism with a better one," he stated. "It just seems obvious that eventually every human will be designed on a computer."

If you think such statements were exaggerated or given in jest, think again. Heinz's abominable outlook on the future of the planet is one that he truly believes will come to pass, and one that he plans to actively bring about, unless forcibly stopped. This, of course, is the logical outcome of the entire biotechnology paradigm, which presumes to have a better blueprint for life than life itself.

Speaking about this to BBC News back in 2000, the Prince of Wales warned that attempts to play God by "overriding Nature's checks and balances" could eventually lead to "the disintegration of the earth's overall environment."

"Treating the world as a 'great laboratory of life' could have disastrous long-term consequences," he added.

Synthetic biology: the latest addition to the Tower of Babel

What Heinz is ultimately referencing with his narcissistic aspirations of recreating all living things can generally be described as synthetic biology. We've covered this concept multiple times in recent months, but synthetic biology is basically a biotechnological philosophy of mixing and matching organisms, both real and synthetic, for the purpose of manufacturing new life forms.

Sometimes shorthanded as "SynBio," synthetic biology, in a nutshell, involves reprogramming the framework of how life is expressed. In order to accomplish this, the entire cellular "instruction manual," so to speak, is redesigned to reflect man-made goals for specific organisms. You can think of it like computer code that governs how software operates, except in the context of life forms like plants, animals and even humans.

"The biotechnology industry has actually spent years trying to think about life this way, and that is the impetus to a rapidly exploding new industry called synthetic biology," explains SynBioWatch. "Most synthetic biology companies are coming up with artificial DNA codes that [force] microbes to make industrially useful compounds."

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