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Originally published October 23 2014

Doctor diagnosed with Ebola walked around NYC for 10 days under 'self quarantine'

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) A physician who volunteered his services with an aid organization that treated Ebola victims in West Africa has been diagnosed with Ebola after being admitted to a New York City hospital.

Dr. Craig Spencer, 33, was working with Doctors Without Borders a few weeks ago, and initially told authorities that he quarantined himself after he began to experience symptoms. But reports Thursday said that, in fact, Spencer had been out in public as recently as the day before his admission, going bowling and using UBER taxis to get around the city.

The New York Daily News further reported that Spencer was practicing in Guinea, adding that he was taken to Bellevue Hospital in a protective suit, was experiencing nausea and had a temperature of 103 F, though his temperature was later reported to actually have been 100.3 F. Blood samples were taken when he was admitted, and testing confirmed that he has Ebola. Dr. Spencer had returned from Guinea 10 days prior via JFK Airport.

The paper further reported:

While Spencer was placed in an isolation unit at the hospital, city health workers began backtracking his movements since returning from Guinea.

The joke that is 'self-quarantine'

"The Health Department's team of disease detectives immediately began to actively trace all of the patient's contacts to identify anyone who may be at potential risk," said the hospital in a statement.

Spencer went bowling at Brooklyn Bowl, which placed a notice on its Facebook page stating: "We are aware of the reports that an individual who may possibly be infected with Ebola attended an event in Williamsburg last night."

JFK Airport is one of a handful of international hubs where federal health officials are planning to begin new screening and monitoring procedures for anyone returning from the three affected West African countries: Guinea, Sierra Leone and the hardest-hit of them, Liberia.

Two of the fears about Dr. Spencer being stricken with Ebola are a) his exposure to scores of other New Yorkers; and b) the city's massive population density. In the tightly packed, heavily populated slums of Monrovia, Liberia's capital, the disease has spread rampantly.

Official figures report that the disease has killed nearly 4,900 people in West Africa, though the World Health Organization said its numbers could be greatly underestimated, with the true death toll close to 15,000.

There has been no shortage of irony or hypocrisy regarding the outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. -- from Dr. Spencer's phony claim of "self-quarantine" to a television network medical expert's similar behavior.

In 2010, chief medical correspondent for NBC News, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, chastised viewers, telling them to "just get your damned flu shot" during the Swine Flu scare at the time. But Snyderman, just back from West Africa herself, violated a 21-day quarantine just to get herself some soup.

"Witnesses claimed the physician and broadcaster wore sunglasses with her hair in a ponytail as she pulled up outside the restaurant and a man dashed in to grab the order," reported Britain's Daily Mail.

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