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Originally published October 11 2014

What you can do to prepare for a pandemic in America

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has been busy again lately, recording several episodes' worth of a course that contains very useful information regarding how best to protect yourself and your family in today's chaotic, bio-infected world.

His latest discussion, titled, "Preparing for an Ebola outbreak in America," is now available at, and as is the case with all previous discussions, it is available free of charge to the public.

In this course, Adams discusses a number of important facets concerning the circumstances surrounding the spread of Ebola to America, what it will mean if the virus spreads beyond its current boundaries in Dallas and -- importantly -- how you can prepare for that possibility now.

Noting that a number of U.S. officials -- up to and including President Obama and the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dr. Thomas Freiden -- had assured Americans that there was no way that Ebola could make it into the country, the disease nevertheless "walked right in" and is now here. More importantly, Adams says, while medical officials might be able to deal with that first patient, "what about the next patient?"

'History changing event'

The patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, who is now receiving experimental treatment as he fights for his life, came in contact with untold numbers of people while he was contagious, Adams said. So where the disease pops up next is anybody's guess -- but that likelihood, especially in the Dallas area -- is very high.

Adams also makes the observation that, despite the federal government's assurances, air travel remains unrestricted and that, in fact, is how Duncan got into the country. In place of sound policy -- a policy of national defense -- the government is perpetuating the lie: "We have everything under control."

In this current course, Adams goes on to discuss a range of topics related to the spread of Ebola to the U.S., its probable effects on American society should the outbreak worsen and what you can do to survive:

Adams asks, will the U.S. government quarantine large cities like Dallas? If so, what will be the economic and social implications?

"The government is not about to start admitting the truth about" anything related to the arrival of Ebola in the U.S. and its global spread, he says.

"Think about the aftermath of a pandemic burning through a population" as large as that in the United States (currently at more than 316 million). There is no way, he says, that the U.S. government -- despite being the richest on the planet -- will have enough resources to take care of everyone. Tens of millions would perish, perhaps as much as half the population.

"That's the kind of event that would change history forever," Adams said.

Click here to listen to the course now.


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