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Originally published October 3 2014

Drug company stocks exploding after Ebola identified in America

by L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

(NaturalNews) An unrelenting, ravenous greed looks to capitalize on the emergence of pandemic disease coming to America. Investors are beginning to push and shove for drug company stocks that have exploded since Ebola was first identified in America. It's almost as if vultures have begun to circle overhead in Dallas, Texas, the site of the first Ebola diagnosis on American soil. Investors are lining up to make a profit off the pharmaceutical machine that's hunched over and ready to pounce.

The following five lucrative stocks are a glaring example of how greed is perpetuating disease in the universe today. Notice how four of the five stocks are of different pharmaceutical companies which are poised to compete for millions by selling their version of an Ebola drug. These fast-tracked drugs will only be used to manage the disease year after year, bringing a return on investments. The actual immune-syste-empowering approaches for saving lives (like this one) are suppressed, because they don't fit into the profitable model of healthcare that has taken over the world.

#1 Tekmira Pharmaceuticals (TKMR) is exploding in popularity, establishing itself as the most lucrative Ebola stock. Their TKM-Ebola drug was fast-tracked through the FDA in August, bypassing long-term safety studies and FDA oversight as if it was already poised to capitalize on the West African Ebola epidemic that continues to expand. The company, worth about $470 million, has been "swinging by double digits" as Ebola news ripples through the media. The stock recently shot up 18% on Wednesday, propping itself up a whopping 180% since mid-July.

#2 BioCryst Pharmacuticals (BCRX) is another of the more established pharmaceutical research companies booming right along with the Ebola news headlines, valued at about $720 million. BioCryst is engaged in research for an Ebola drug of its own. As investors continue to speculate on this stock, company executives are rushing to get a drug ready to market.

#3 Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) has its nose to the grindstone too, researching for profitable Ebola drugs. This company has the help of the US military. Remember, the US CDC owns a patent on Ebola, so there's much more at stake in all this disease mongering; the CDC could be in on the royalties. SRPT is valued at $900 million and is key biotech stock to watch out for as Ebola rears its head in the land of the free.

#4 NewLink Genetics (NLNK) has already started running clinical trials on their Ebola drug. They have joined the battle over who's going to have the most profitable answer for Ebola in the worldwide market. Their drug is poised to be fast-tracked by the FDA too, as the Ebola pandemic grips the US. With a nearly $650 million market cap, this established player in the pharmaceutical game goes to bat with only home runs to hit.

#5 Then there's Lakeland Industries (LAKE), a company that specializes in safety gear. With the demand for disposable contamination suits rising, Lakeland Industries is already booming. Advisers are betting on an Ebola outbreak that would require large purchases of contamination suits which will be needed immediately by government and medical workers to treat outbreaks. In fact, the preparedness racket has already begun, with Amazon reporting a 143,000% increase in sales of DuPont's most popular contamination protection suit.

While greed runs through the blood of those investing in Ebola drug company stocks, there are those with nonprofit answers, waiting diligently and compassionately in the shadows. The answers in the universe, including antiviral herbal extracts, are suppressed by overpowering government agencies that protect a medical system dictatorship that's also fueled by speculating, stock market greed.

For behind the pretty face of helping those in need is a greedy machine of drug company investments, control, expansion and domination.


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