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Originally published October 2 2014

NBC advises using 'wasp spray,' rather than guns, to protect self from burglars, says to 'treat them like royalty'

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is known for backing some pretty loony ideas, but this one is in the running for all-time craziest. In fact, it is so out there that it is liable to offend your sensibilities as an American citizen.

During the Sept. 8 taping of NBC's Today, producers featured a section about how to best survive a home invasion.

The "advice" should simply floor you: It included treating the home invader(s) "like royalty" and giving them the location of everything that they are looking for in your home.

'Tell 'em where everything is'

We simply cannot make this stuff up.

And here's a spoiler alert: The advice did not include buying a gun for the defense of your life, liberty and property, all three of which burglars are certain to want to take from you, especially if you roll over for them.

During the segment (which can be seen here), correspondent Jeff Rossen talked with New York City police detective and hostage negotiator William Zeins.

They discussed different scenarios and included what to do if a homeowner's castle is targeted by a thug home invader. With a straight face, Zeins said that you should "absolutely" tell invaders where "the money" and "the jewelry" are hidden, if they corner or capture you. Further, Zeins said you should "treat them like royalty... [Don't] lie to them."

Oh, use your car, too

So, how best to avoid capture in the first place? Well, you should invest in a can of "wasp spray" and keep that next to your bed so you can spray/blast the home invader in the face. He had no information about how wasp spray stacks up to an intruder who is armed with a shotgun or a handgun.

He also suggested distracting or frightening the invader away with horns and flashing lights by pressing your car's panic button -- which means, of course, that you should sleep with your car keys next to your can of wasp spray.


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