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Originally published September 23 2014

Spinach extract can naturally reduce appetite & food cravings

by J. Anderson

(NaturalNews) For those that are looking for a natural way to reduce hunger cravings for "junk" food, one recent option that could be helpful is spinach extract. The extract thylakoids have been found in a recent study to substantially decrease our hunger for things such as sweets or fast foods (commonly referred to as hedonic hunger). This type of hunger has been found to be a common cause of obesity.

By controlling hedonic hunger we are better suited to control our appetite and unhealthy eating practices. In fact, the extract was found to reduce this type of hunger by 95% and increase weight loss by 43%!

The Study

The research that came out of Lund University in Sweden was conducted on 38 overweight women over the course of 3 months. During the study, half of the women drank a mixture that contained 5g of spinach extract (thylakoids) every morning before breakfast and half drank a placebo. The women were told to eat 3 balanced meals a day and not consume any other special diet.

It was found that the spinach extract was able to induce healthier eating habits, reduce their hunger, and increase weight loss by helping the body produce satiety hormones making them feel more satisfied throughout the day. The group that drank the spinach extract lost around 11 pounds while the placebo group lost 7.7 pounds. Not only did the spinach extract drinking group lose more weight, but they found it significantly easier to stick to their 3 meals a day diet.

Professor of Medicine and Physiological Chemistry at Lund University, Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson explained, "It is about making use of the time it takes to digest our food. There is nothing wrong with our digestive system, but it doesn't work well with the modern 'pre-chewed' food. The thylakoids extend digestion, producing a feeling of satiety. This means that we are able to stick to the diet we are meant for without snacks and unnecessary foods like sweets, crisps and such."

Other Ways to Calm Hunger

There are number of ways to help make us feel more satisfied after meals. An easy alternative is to consume greens vegetables like spinach, celery, or broccoli. You can literally eat a huge amount for a paltry amount of calories (minus any toppings/dressings). These types of foods are great for controlling and suppressing your appetite because the volume of food you consume is large in comparison with the small amount of calories you get.

Another alternative is to drink more water. By drinking more water you feel more full leading to reduced hunger and appetite suppression. While these two might not be the tastiest options they are very effective ways to suppress your hunger without turning to snacks and junk food. Here are also a number of other alternatives methods to reduce hunger: .


There are many natural ways to help suppress your hunger. When those hedonic hunger cravings hit, grab some water and some leafy greens, or start your day with some spinach extract. Using these natural ways to reduce your cravings will help reduce your snacking throughout the day!

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Living healthy starts at-home and it starts by educating yourself! To learn more about living a healthy, natural lifestyle visit DIY Active.

Living healthy starts at-home and it starts by educating yourself! To learn more about living a healthy, natural lifestyle visit DIY Active.

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