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Originally published September 9 2014

Marine mutants wash up on shore: two-headed dolphin a sign of chemical poisoning tipping point

by PF Louis

(NaturalNews) In August 2014, a conjoined dolphin pup slightly over a yard long floated onto the shore of a beach in Turkey. An onlooker was horrified to witness what had appeared to be a two-headed dolphin. But technically, the two-headed monster was a conjoined set of twins, what we commonly call Siamese twins. [1]

In April of 2011, around a year after the BP/Gulf disaster, an actual two-headed bull shark was found in the uterus of a shark caught by fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico. It took until 2013 for scientists to confirm that it was actually a two-headed bull shark and not conjoined twins. [2]

The current politically correct conjecture for animal kingdom omens and signs that nature is turning against itself is global warming. But that conjecture doesn't cover the usual suspects of corporate/government actions of exploiting resources and polluting the earth, water and air.

Pollution reality check

Over the past few years, several events have added up to a warning of extinction for all life that may come due to nuclear radiation, chemical pollution and Big Ag's agrochemical runoff from fields into streams, waterways and seas. Creatures of the sea and air, and especially amphibious creatures, have shown the most signs of distress.

Lately, there has been increasing conjecture of global warming as the primary cause for upsetting the lowest levels of support for aquatic life in the oceans or inland waterways, such as plankton or algae, which begin the feeding order for the more mobile forms of aquatic life.

Even if true, global warming can't be the only factor that's distressing ecological systems. There are several usual suspects, and they're all man-made and used to extreme excesses. Sometimes, a whole flock of birds will fall from the sky dead. Air pollution or microwave tower transmissions? And nearby, a thousand fish wash ashore dead. What, everything's connected? [3]

Starfish are disappearing rapidly along the US and Canadian Pacific coastline, as hundreds of sea lions and sea lion pups languish, sick, starving and dying on those same beaches. Meanwhile, Fukushima's nuclear plant continues spewing radioactive material into the sea and air while officials say not to worry. [4]

More and more fish and frogs are discovered in and along our inland waterways with gender-confused physiological manifestations. The BP oil disaster and Corexit solution fiasco of 2010 has left the Gulf of Mexico and coastal marsh life in shambles. The toxicity from their solution has persisted into 2014. [5]

A biologist and artist displayed several images of frogs with multiple or deformed legs at a London art show. He and most other biologists consider amphibians, which are sensitive to sudden environmental changes, similar to mining cave canaries whose deaths signal toxic gas buildups. Amphibian anomalies and die-offs warn biologists about ecological disruptions that are invisible but getting out of hand. [6]

Some environmental changes are obvious, yet many die-offs and gender or physiological anomalies are occurring within areas that seem ecologically intact or undisturbed.

It's amazing how many gender-bending, hormone-mimicking chemicals find their way into streams, rivers and oceans from factories and heavily populated urban areas to create toxic environments for wildlife and humans.

Waterways carry chemical wastes from far-off manufacturing locations and crowded cities, while farm fields and agrochemical industries contribute synthetic fertilizer runoffs into streams that merge with rivers and oceans to create life-choking algae.

Coal-burning power plants spew mercury gases and particles that can drift into the immediate area or be brought down by rain away from the plants' locations.

Compromised government agencies and vested corporate interests, including the media, aren't interested in getting to the heart of these matters, because they're all swimming in the same polluted water, focusing on their codependent career-driven motives and immediate financial gain.

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