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Originally published August 26 2014

Wikipedia banned by university! Join the real truth movement at Truth Wiki

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) An Illinois university has become the subject of much ridicule after the school's new technology director decided to implement a restrictive policy that prohibits students from accessing pornography, social media and the popular propaganda website Wikipedia. Betabeat reports that Northern Illinois University (NIU) considers these and other sites to contain "unethical," "obscene" and even "illegal" content that will not be tolerated.

A discussion erupted on Reddit after a student from the school posted about a message he received when trying to access the Westboro Baptist Church entry page on Wikipedia, all while on the NIU student network. A screenshot he posted of a "Web Page Access Warning" explains that the Wikipedia entry is considered "Illegal or Unethical," and suggests that accessing it could constitute a "security risk and/or violation" of NIU's "Acceptable Use Policy."

Outraged over what he perceived as blatant censorship, the student quickly told others about the restriction, advising them to take a stand against it in the interest of their freedom. The policy, which was reportedly implemented on July 25, covers the entire NIU network, including campus research and education centers as well as individual network connections within the school's dormitories.

"This kind of policy comes out of the blue," he wrote on Reddit. "I feel that if someone doesn't speak out about it at the start, it might be here to stay. I hope they can understand how restrictive it is to students."

NIU is technically right - Wikipedia can't be used for 'legitimate business purposes'

The NIU prompt warning about Wikipedia also contained an interesting caveat about accessing the site for "legitimate business purposes." The suggestion was that Wikipedia can't really be used for this, with no clear indicator as to why this might be the case -- after all, Wikipedia is an information source monitored by the people and for the people, right?

Well, if you've been following Natural News in recent months, you probably already know about Wikipedia's gross manipulation of information and active censorship of topics that it deems "inaccurate." One of these, of course, is natural health and issues related to nutritional medicine -- or what the mainstream media would consider "alternatives" to the conventional model of preventing and treating illness.

As we reported as far back as 2010, Wikipedia has been caught actively altering entries about topics like orthomolecular medicine and nutrition, tainting them with a bias for conventional medicine and passing them off as absolute truth. The situation over at Wikipedia has gotten so out of control, in fact, that multiple well-respected academic institutions published a study on Wikipedia corruption earlier this year, declaring up to 90 percent of Wikipedia's health-related content to be inaccurate or blatantly false.

Join the real truth movement at

This is why Natural News' own Health Ranger, Mike Adams, decided to launch an alternative to Wikipedia at The purpose of this site, which is still in development, is to offer a source of information on topics that are actively censored, ignored, or maligned by the establishment. The public desperately needs an information source that is not overrun by industry trolls and their blind apologists, who masquerade as truth-bearers but actively promote their own corrupt agendas.

"[M]uch of the information [on Wikipedia] related to holistic approaches to healing is biased, misleading, out-of-date, or just plain wrong," reads a petition filed against Wikipedia's reign of corruption by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. "As gatekeepers for the status quo, [Wikipedia refuses] discourse with leading edge research scientists and clinicians or, for that matter, anyone with a different point of view."

The project is still under development, but you can monitor its progress here:

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