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Originally published July 29 2014

Dallas residents describe immigrant influx as 'deliberate invasion' of America

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) As President Obama continues to allow the U.S. southwest border to remain virtually open to any and all comers, and as he reportedly contemplates granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens already in the country -- contravening federal law -- Americans are increasingly feeling like they are under siege, and are angry about it.

Nowhere is this truer than in Texas, where most of the current wave of illegal immigrants are crossing. Recently, residents of Collin County complained to their commissioners of a so-called "immigrant tsunami" that threatened to overwhelm the area's residents and public services.

One commissioner, Mark Reid, invited the public to attend a commission meeting in early August, and residents showed up en masse. In fact, according to local reports, there was only standing room at the county building as people, one by one, sounded off about housing scores of illegal immigrant children -- even though there are no "official" plans to do so in Collin County (yet).

'It's an invasion and it's deliberate'

As reported by CBS DFW:

Residents packed the meeting, with an overwhelming majority speaking out against any plan to bring children to the county. There are plans to house as many as 2,000 children in nearby Dallas County.

Collin County commissioners discussed a resolution that said housing minors who were suspected of being in the country illegally is not in the best interests of residents. And while most residents in attendance supported the resolution, a few president were opposed.

Cody Rodriguez said that "the people of Collin do not turn away from children," but again, he was in the minority.

Most supported the position of resident Barbara Harliss, who said, "What we see is not immigration, but an invasion, a deliberate invasion."

Indeed, the blame for the current "invasion" rests squarely with Obama, who, in 2012 -- and again, say legal experts, contravening federal law -- ordered his government agencies to end automatic deportations of millions of illegal alien minors. That sent a signal to the world, basically, that, if your child could set foot on American soil, the administration would let you stay.

Back in Collin County, citizens also raised concerns about crime and disease. One, Mike Giles, said local resources should not be taken from American children to care for those here illegally.

"Don't force our community, our county to do this. Do it on your own," added resident Hugh Cabanaro.

Another resident, Darryl Rivard of Prosper, agreed, saying, "America is dying. Lazy, uneducated moochers and parasites have infested this nation, and they are rapidly becoming the majority."

Officials have additional meetings scheduled in the coming weeks, but the sentiment of residents in Collin County is being echoed all across the country.

'He's concerned they are coming here without consent'

There have been local protests against the shipment of illegal immigrant children by residents of cities around the country. Also, several state governors have complained to the Obama Administration that children were brought into their states without their prior knowledge or permission.

One of them, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, has even threatened to use his National Guard force to keep them out.

In a letter to the White House, Bryant said his first duty was to protect Mississippi residents, and that he was concerned that the administration was moving illegal aliens into his state without first consulting him or getting permission.

He also told Obama, "[I]t is insulting that you would ask to put your hand in the wallets of working Americans to correct a problem you have caused."

A spokesman for Bryant told a local ABC affiliate, "He has a deep concern for the many unaccompanied children flooding the country and the federal government's secretive attempts to do it without the [state's] consent."


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