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Originally published July 7 2014

Hillary Clinton pledges allegiance to Big Ag and Biotech - Monsanto's 'Presidential' run for 2016 has begun

by S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) Good ole' Bill opened the doors for GMO food in the early 1990s, and now Hillary speaks the language of the Franken-food people! Just what is she saying? Is this the first corporation to ever run for President of the United States of America? Corporations are people too, so they've said, and there's no "lever" to pull in the next election, because the ballot box is coming to you in the form of toxic food and toxic medical "gifts."

After all, Hillary endorsed GMO seeds when she was Secretary of State, and as (Monsanto's) new "Miss Prez," she's going to get rid of that "Franken-food" stigma once and for all -- that "Franken-steinish" sounding name that turns people off GMOs. This will be her first order of business! Get ready for some exciting Super PAC commercials about how healthy it is for humans to consume genetically modified pesticide-food.

Speaking at a conference in San Diego this June, Hillary Clinton addressed the world's largest trade organization of biotech firms, and she flat-out backed GMOs and Big Agriculture, an industry corrupt with intoxicating American food with pesticides, herbicides and insecticides that cause disease and birth defects. You see, the industry must work on changing their "semantics," so the people's perception of genetically mutated food can do an about-face. This was the message in San Diego.

All Americans are facing sickness and famine from detrimental farming practices (GMO) that 92 percent of voters already oppose! GMOs have been tested on rats and humans and the (very scary) results are in, but the mass media blitz is coming as a Super PAC commercial, and those already brainwashed will sink deeper into oblivion, to a place where their food and medicine both rot their gut, and immunity and antibiotics are simply a "thing of the past."

This is NOT the American dream. This is not what anyone needs. (

Credible scientists backed by independent, non-industry-funded studies have linked GMOs to a whole host of chronic illnesses. And why Hillary? Because Biotech and Monsanto want insurance that they will actually RUN the weed killer and bug killer business of cancer food that fuels the medical bills on the other end at hospitals across America. This is all being woven into the next election.

Hillary worked in the 1980s at Rose Law Firm, which represented both Monsanto and Tyson Foods. Imagine what ALL staple food will become in this country. You know what FEMA will be serving during the food famine, don't you? Nuthin' but GMOs.

The "Drought-Resistant" Conspiracy

Have you ever heard of reverse psychology? It's a simple trick. Genetically modified (GM) crops are promoted as the exact opposite of what they are. This is planned out well by the industry insiders and its financial supporters, and even some scientists.

They claim that certain crops are drought resistant. They also say genetic modification is an extension of natural breeding, posing no risk and meeting safety guidelines, which they just raise to suit the "contamination" levels. Monsanto, Bayer, Dow Chemical, Dupont and Syngenta will tell you that these benefit farmers and makes their lives easier, which means shorter.

The "chemical agriculture" nightmare dates back to the mid-1900s when the U.S. first hired Nazi scientists, fresh out of prison, to work on food "additives" and "preservatives" and fluoride water.

Blacklisted GMO News

Did you miss the coverage on TV of the Bio-International Convention? That's because there wasn't any. Hillary just spoke about FEDERAL SUBSIDIES for GMO companies to keep them from leaving the country for tax havens. Remember also that, recently, Clinton admitted that she and Bill were in debt when they left the White House due to legal bills. Now, Hillary is testing the waters "under the radar" to see if she should completely "sell out" to Monsanto and the Biotech nightmare for campaign funds.

Vote for organic food and don't cheer for any "drought-resistant" campaign slogan.

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