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Originally published July 20 2014

Doctor: Unusual tropical diseases being carried into U.S. cities by illegal immigrants

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) All those illegal immigrant children being shipped into the U.S. right now by the federal government are bringing with them exotic diseases that threaten everyday Americans, suggests a board-certified otolaryngologist. Dr. Elaina George, who specializes in ear, nose and throat conditions, told Newsmax that illnesses ranging from the common cold to tuberculosis are spreading all across the country, and that the situation represents a serious public health threat.

As the alien invasion continues, children from south of the border are being shipped from detention centers in Texas and California to various locations throughout the country. Some are being transferred by bus, while others are being boarded onto commercial aircraft used by ordinary travelers who face exposure to unusual diseases that, prior to this event, were virtually non-existent in the U.S.

"It's absolutely a health threat," stated Dr. George in an interview on Newsmax TV's The Steve Malzberg Show. "It's like a perfect pressure cooker... a culture medium if you really want to think about it in that manner -- a 1700 mile trek by foot, by train or however else they're coming up."

According to Dr. George, the children, many of whom originate from Central America, have weakened immune systems and are demonstrating serious symptoms that should be more of a cause for concern. Some of the children are wheezing, while others are coughing up blood, an indication that they are suffering from tuberculosis, a serious communicable disease.

"Not everybody shows symptoms right away, but they could have the disease before it actually manifests or shows itself," she is quoted as saying. "So they're just as infectious."

TSA allowing illegal immigrant children with diseases to board commercial planes without ID

Reports indicate that the alien children are being dropped off in places as far north as Maryland, as well as in Georgia and elsewhere, sparking outrage and protests. Citizen protestors have been particularly vigilant at a Border Patrol station in Murrieta, California, as well, where federal officials are currently housing immigrant detainees for processing to other locations.

"We either have an incredibly inept administration, or they're in on this somehow or another," stated Texas Governor Rick Perry to ABC's This Week. "I mean, I hate to be conspiratorial, but I mean, how do you move that many people from Central America across Mexico and then into the United States without there being a fairly coordinated effort?"

To make matters worse, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which routinely steals from paying travels while groping their genitals to guard against terrorists, is reportedly standing down for the alien children. None of them, says Dr. George, are being required to show identification before boarding commercial airliners bound for detention centers throughout the country.

"[The] TSA has been ordered to stand down and allow these children and adults to get on planes without ID," she said to Steve Malzberg. "So they're arriving in Georgia; they're arriving in Maryland; they're arriving all over the country."

Political discussion aside, Dr. George stresses that the disease threat from this ongoing invasion is a very tangible concern that could have disastrous consequences for public health. A potential tuberculosis outbreak in Maryland, for instance, has already been reported after students were exposed to an infected immigrant child -- and other "tropical diseases," she says, pose similar threats.

"My problem with this is that the government has no regard for us as American citizens," she lamented. "My dad was an immigrant [and] I am not against legal immigration at all. But the way this is being done [is] haphazard, and it's all about winning at any cost and it's political strategy without regard for health."

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