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Originally published July 9 2014

Government-manufactured crisis brings deadly pathogens to America with wave of illegal immigrants

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The United States of America is under attack by its own corrupt government, which is working on behalf of unseen powers to destabilize and ultimately destroy the country from within. And one of the tactics being used right now for this end is the constant stream of illegal aliens being intentionally shipped in by the current administration and strategically placed in major cities all across the country, a scenario that threatens to unleash a host of deadly pathogens within the native population.

The White House occupier and his band of treasonous thugs have been busy importing illegal immigrants from south of the border as part of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) program known as "Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children." A notice placed on the official Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) government website back in January reveals that the DHS has been planning this sinister operation for months and is now in execution mode with carrying it out on a national scale.

As explained by Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show, the FBO announcement, which was posted on January 29, 2014, exposes a government plot to bring in alien children from Mexico and South America for the purpose of distributing them to Office of Refugee Resettlement Shelters located throughout the U.S. None of these children are being tested for deadly pathogens, yet all of them are set to be released into the civilian population despite the fact that they could spread deadly illnesses like ebola hemorrhagic fever and drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Reports are already flooding in from all across the country of Border Patrol agents coming down with deadly illnesses as a result of exposure to infected immigrant children. The Border Patrol union, according to reports, says at least one agent has already contracted the mite-borne skin infection known as scabies, while another in San Antonio may have come down with a virulent form of tuberculosis.

"Border Patrol management is aware of the scabies outbreak but continue to ignore recommendations," stated Ronald Zermeno, health and safety director for the San Diego County chapter of the National Border Patrol Council, in a recent letter addressing the failure of government officials in taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of disease from infected immigrants.

Importation of illegals by Obama administration an act of treason against America

Not only are these illegal immigrant children potentially harboring severely fatal diseases that could kill millions, but they are being deliberately placed throughout the country -- using American public transport to boot -- in such a way as to intentionally spread disease within the civilian American population.

This is a blatant act of treason by the sitting government, and it represents just one of many impeachable offenses by the current administration that need to be addressed by Congress. Hodges correctly points out that, if these infected immigrant children continue to be released from the government detention centers where they are being held, they could very likely trigger a nationwide disease pandemic.

"The net result for what I am labeling as treason against the American people, is that we are at risk for contracting the planet's most virulent diseases and viruses for which we have no treatment and no immunity," wrote Hodges. "[T]he federal government has manufactured the health crisis and one of the standards of proof is in the degree of preparation demonstrated."

"The government knew this was going to happen and they planned for it."

Hodges' full report on the illegal immigrant fiasco can be accessed here:

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