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Originally published May 27 2014

Vitamins for acne: nutritional secrets to clean skin from the inside out

by Aurora Geib

(NaturalNews) Affecting as many as 50 million Americans, acne is the country's most common skin disorder. And while the teen years may first come to mind when thinking about acne, people from all age groups -- nearly 85 percent of the population, in fact -- suffer from the condition over the course of their lives. (1)

While there are plenty of over-the-counter medications for acne, these may contain chemicals which cause everything from skin irritations to birth defects. It's no surprise, then, that an increasing number of people are turning to alternative acne treatments. Read on to learn about the power of vitamins for acne, as well as other safe, natural remedies for clear, clean skin from the inside out.

Vitamin & Mineral Magic
Vitamin supplements offer help for acne sufferers and involve no harsh chemicals or toxins. Some leading vitamins and minerals used in the treatment of acne include:

Other Natural Acne Remedies
In addition to vitamins and minerals, other natural remedies are beneficial in treating acne. Astringents like witch hazel and chamomile, for example, are effective skin cleaners, while herbs including wild indigo, black walnut, burdock and Oregon grape are also effective.

Acne sufferers and homeopaths alike swear by acupuncture as an alternative treatment for acne. This remedy helps relieve inflammation while purifying the liver, enhancing its ability to help the body regulate hormones. While most acne medicines "work" by suppressing the issues which cause acne, acupuncture treats the body holistically from the inside out. Combined with herbal medicine, the effects are even stronger. A recent article in Medical Acupuncture confirmed that this ancient alternative medicine is not only effective, but also free of side effects. (5)

You Are What You Eat
The importance of eating well cannot be overstated when it comes to comprehensive wellness, including skin care. Although effects vary according to the individual, some of the most commonly known acne aggravators include dairy products, fried foods, excess sugar, additives, artificial sweeteners and colors, chocolate, nuts, saturated and partially hydrogenated fats, processed foods, soda and alcohol. Avoiding these triggers can help prevent acne outbreaks and flare-ups.

Unfortunately, many people mistakenly think that they must choose between the harmful chemicals of prescription medicines or accept a life vexed by acne. Vitamins, minerals and other natural remedies -- in addition to healthy dietary choices -- offer a different and favorable solution.







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