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Originally published May 21 2014

Trace Amounts: Documentary film explores science behind autism epidemic

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) It was a tetanus shot he received in his late 20s that sent Eric Gladen over the edge healthwise, almost resulting in a tragic suicide. But when the founder of the World Mercury Project eventually learned that the mercury component of the vaccine, Thimerosal, had poisoned him, resulting in severe health problems that seemingly had no cure, Gladen decided to go on an extensive journey to discover the truth.

And the fruits of his labor are the subject of a new documentary film entitled Trace Amounts, which tells a much different story about vaccines and autism than the one being peddled by the government and mainstream media. After quitting his job and moving into an RV, Gladen traveled the country interviewing experts, conducting scientific research and piecing together what the establishment said did not even exist.

"We need to assign mercury to the conditions it causes," stated Gladen during a 2008 interview prior to the release of the film, when he first announced that he would be traveling the country and speaking to experts of all stripes about the link between mercury and autism.

Denial won't help the 1 in 68 American children who now suffer from autism

Gladen's firsthand experience with the neurodegenerative effects of mercury, all the while unaware that this toxic heavy metal was responsible for his health problems, only helped fuel this important endeavor. And the establishment's typical opposition to it, which has only sought to discredit rather than discuss the issue, further highlights its prudent importance.

"This is a must see film," says Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN), the former Chairman of the Government Reform and Oversight Committee that led a four-year investigation into vaccines and autism. "There is no doubt in my mind that mercury is a major contributing factor in the autism epidemic."

The world premiere of Trace Amounts took place at the recent Newport Beach Film Festival in Southern California, sparking a surge of interest all around the world. An official release date for the film has yet to be announced, but a two-minute trailer available at offers a taste of what it contains:

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"For people to finally understand what autism is and how it became an epidemic and what's caused it, the public needs to understand what's happening here," says Gladen, "because the public will drive the change."

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