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Originally published May 14 2014

Dr. David Jockers to speak at upcoming cancer summit

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Dr. David Jockers will speak at the upcoming online "The Truth About Cancer" summit, which begins May 26.

Jockers is a leading writer for -- he is a corrective care chiropractor, nutritionist, exercise physiologist and certified strength and conditioning specialist. He is also the author of the best-selling book SuperCharge Your Brain, the complete guide to radically improving your mood, memory and mindset.

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He is a Maximized Living doctor. His expertise is in weight loss, customized nutrition and exercise, and structural corrective chiropractic care. According to his website, Jockers' experience working with thousands of individuals has given him a level of expertise in the field. He is a member of the Performance Enhancement Team for the Maximized Living Wellness Advisory Council, where he had the privilege of traveling to London to help the US athletes win the gold in 2012.

In addition for being a top writer here at Natural News, Jockers also writes for NaturalHealth 365, Organic Lifestyle Magazine and PrimalDocs, which are four of the top online health publications in the world. He is also on the expert panel for the popular South African Journal of Natural Medicine. He has well over 1,000 professionally published natural health articles all over the internet and in-print magazines.

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"Many years ago God called me and gave me a vision of my life. He put a passion inside my heart to clean the living temple of God by creating a powerful resource for community health and clean, principled living," he says. "As I pursued this vision, God blessed me with the knowledge, skills, and education to instruct, encourage, and empower individuals to have more faith in their own God-given ability to heal naturally without the use of drugs and surgeries.

"I'm on a mission to transform the state of health of our entire culture and it starts by being a servant and a blessing to the lives of Kennesaw, GA [sic] in my clinic," he continues. "Your body is an amazing, holistic vessel that is governed by the infinite intelligence of the Creator, in order to house and express the spirit/soul that lives within. As a Maximized Living Mentor, I am going to teach you how to treat your body with the respect it truly deserves as the temple of the living God."

As for the summit, which will air May 26-June 1, here is its purpose:

Educate - The Truth About Cancer will present The Quest for The Cures, a 7-part investigative report "mini-series" dedicated to educating the masses on natural, non-toxic cancer treatments and the physicians that successfully use them in their practice.

Expose - The investigations will also expose the "business of cancer" where the pharmaceutical industry forces us to keep using outdated and overpriced toxic treatments that destroy our bodies and immune systems.

Eradicate - The purpose of this project is to provide free information to the masses, with the primary goals being education and awareness on what cancer really is and how we can prevent and treat it in today's toxic world. The project's mission is to eradicate and reverse this pandemic.

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